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The Estate of Gael Elton Mayo

the mad mosaic gael elton mayo bookblast legacy agencyTHE MAD MOSAIC — A Life Story
Gael Elton Mayo

“On June 1940, while evacuation from Dunkirk was taking place in the north, my son was born at Cauderan near Bordeaux; we were part of the exodus which was surging down the roads to the south throughout June, at times under bombs from Italian planes.” So begins Gael’s autobiography. Shot at by the Nazis whilst escaping with her baby son and stateless Russian husband; boarding a refugee ship sailing to South America, Gael eventually reaches the safety of New York only to return to war-ravaged Europe. She describes working with Robert Capa and David Seymour at Magnum photographers, (both were killed, in Vietnam and Suez), and with Henri Cartier-Bresson in England for Capa’s brainchild, ‘Generation X’. She writes of Spain in the 1950s and Paris in the 1960s; of marriages and bereavement; of a chaotic, exciting life criss-crossing Europe and the USA.

GLASGOW SUNDAY STANDARD – Few refugee stories outside the Auschwitz range have the peculiar poignancy of Gael Elton Mayo’s.
THE TIMES – The Mad Mosaic has about it something of the disturbing impermanence of life depicted in the film Casablanca.
SEAMUS HEANEY, OBSERVER – An exhilarating autobiography.

BookBlast ePublishing, 230pp, May 2017 | kindle & POD paperback | Biography & Memoir, Europe, France | Mobi ISBN 978-0-9933552-3-3 Epub ISBN 978-0-9933552-5-7 Print ISBN 978-0-9933552-4-0

the end of a dream gael elton mayo bookblast epublishingTHE END OF A DREAM
Gael Elton Mayo

Gael writes about two homes she loved and lost in two very different regions of France — the Franche-Comté and Provence — in this travel-memoir.

PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR – A marvellous, subtle knack of catching atmosphere and landscape, an ear for the spoken word that evokes half Balzac, half Alain Fournier … I loved it.
SPECTATOR – Gael Elton Mayo has a visual quality of writing and is a perceptive sociologist … This satire of modern mores ends up like a Proustian meditation on Time. Perhaps
The End of a Dream should also be read as a Temps Retrouvé.
ELIZABETH LONGFORD, BOOKS – Gael Elton Mayo speaks of two unique regions of France with her magical voice that first enchanted me in The Mad Mosaic … The fierce independence of the Jura, the moody mountain in Provence, the vivid pictures of people, animals, wine, food, flowers — even the mistral — made me feel nostalgic about places I had never seen.

BookBlast ePublishing, 144pp, November 2017 | kindle & POD paperback | Biography & Memoir, Travel, Europe, France | Mobi ISBN 978-0-9933552-9-5 Epub ISBN 978-0-9930927-6-3 Print ISBN 978-0-9930927-5-6

The Estate of Lesley Blanch

sabres of paradise lesley blanch bookblast epublishing THE SABRES OF PARADISE — Conquest and Vengeance in the Caucasus
Lesley Blanch

PHILIP MARSDEN – Like Tolstoy’s, Lesley Blanch’s sense of history is ultimately convincing not because of any sweeping theses, but because of its particularities, the quirks of individuals and their personal narratives, their deluded ambitions, their vanities and passions.
THE GUARDIAN – Crammed with truly fabulous stories of fighting and love and violent death … this profound and exhilarating book turns the struggle of the people of the Caucasus to remain independent of Russia into a universal saga … it is no wonder Shamyl had such a powerful influence on Tolstoy and Pushkin.
NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW – Twentieth-century Russia is only nineteenth-century Russia writ large. Miss Blanch’s book is therefore especially welcome for she has provided a gallery of Russian portraits and in the course of her story outlined Russian foreign policy through most of the nineteenth century. I can imagine no better introduction to modern Russia.
THE TIMES – A masterly account of Chechnya’s struggle against 19th-century Tsarist Russia, ominously relevant to today’s conflict. Lesley Blanch’s portrait of Shamyl, the Chechen leader-prophet, is widely admired and she is still consulted by historians.
LE MONDE – A magnificent historical drama; a marvellous, impassioned biography of Imam Shamyl.

print & ebook : BookBlast ePublishing | January 2015 | PB 488 pages GBP 10.99 | 978-0993092725

wilder shores of love lesley blanch bookblast epublishingTHE WILDER SHORES OF LOVE — The stories of four nineteenth-century women who travelled East
Lesley Blanch

A bestseller which has never gone out of print in English since first publication in 1954.

Lesley Blanch writes about four women who escaped from the constraints of nineteenth-century Europe and fled to the Middle East to find love and fulfilment — Isabel Burton (who married the Arabist and explorer Richard), Jane Digby el-Mezrab (Lady Ellenborough, the society beauty who ended up living in the Syrian desert with a Bedouin chieftain), Aimée Dubucq de Rivery (a French convent girl captured by pirates and sent to the Sultan’s harem in Istanbul), and Isabelle Eberhardt (a Swiss linguist who felt most comfortable in boy’s clothes and lived in the Sahara).

CARSON McCULLERS – A classic … a book of radiance and strength.
FREYA STARK – A book as excellent as its title. [In a letter to LB dated 5/12/80]
WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD – Love, wanderlust, faraway places — all that Romance implies — make up this delicious book.
NEW YORKER – Four seething but most enjoyable studies in headlong nonconformity.

UK edition : Weidenfeld & Nicolson | January 2010 | PB 336 pages GBP 7.99 | 978-0753827918
US edition : Simon & Schuster | Foreword by Naomi Wolf | October 2010 | PB 336 pages USD 12.30 | 978-1439197349
ebook: BookBlast ePublishing | November 2014 | 336 pages GBP 8.99 | kindle | google | kobo | apple
Library edition : Los Angeles Public Library

harriette wilson lesley blanch bookblast epublishing REGENCY ENGLAND UNDRESSED — Harriette Wilson, the Greatest Courtesan of her Age
Lesley Blanch

Lesley Blanch’s elegant novella-length introduction to the Memoirs of Harriette Wilson, first published in 1955.

The reigning courtesan of Regency London, Harriette Wilson’s patrons included many of the distinguished men of her day, from the Duke of Wellington to Lord Byron. Hard-pressed for money in middle age, her looks and youth gone, all she had left to sell were her memories. Deliberately written with an eye to blackmail, she sold her memoirs after offering to edit out any lovers who paid her the sum of £200. “Publish and be damned!” cried the Duke of Wellington. She did and she was.

ANNE SEBBA – “What do a modern New York psychoanalyst and a Regency London courtesan have in common? Both offer escape, relaxation and individual attention; both are expensive,” explains Lesley Blanch in her expansive introduction to the memoirs of the most famous of English courtesans.”

print & ebook: BookBlast ePublishing | February 2016 | PB 108 pp GBP 3.99 | 978-0993092725

pierre loti lesley blanch bookblast epublishingPIERRE LOTI — Portrait of an Escapist
Lesley Blanch

Dramatic travel writer, French naval officer who wore rouge and liked to disguise himself as a Turk or a Bedu, amateur acrobat, ebullient self-dramatist and romantic: Pierre Loti was a global celebrity before the concept was even thought of. When he died in 1923, he was given a state funeral, the only French writer to have received such an honour other than Victor Hugo. An unorthodox writer, Loti’s most outstanding creation was himself.

GABRIELLE ANNAN, NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS – Lesley Blanch is a most congenial biographer for this eccentric man … She has a natural sympathy with people who live out their fantasies … She also has the sense of humour her subject lacks, and is very funny without ever being unkind.
SPECTATOR – Lesley Blanch was one of the twentieth century’s most exotic travel writers.
WASHINGTON POST – An exceptionally good biography of an exceptionally interesting man.

print & ebook : BookBlast ePublishing | December 2015 | PB 276 pages GBP 8.99 | 978-0993092787

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