wilder shores of love

THE WILDER SHORES OF LOVE — The stories of four nineteenth-century women who travelled East

Lesley Blanch

A bestseller which has never gone out of print in English since first publication in 1954.

Lesley Blanch writes about four women who escaped from the constraints of nineteenth-century Europe and fled to the Middle East to find love and fulfilment — Isabel Burton (who married the Arabist and explorer Richard), Jane Digby el-Mezrab (Lady Ellenborough, the society beauty who ended up living in the Syrian desert with a Bedouin chieftain), Aimée Dubucq de Rivery (a French convent girl captured by pirates and sent to the Sultan's harem in Istanbul), and Isabelle Eberhardt (a Swiss linguist who felt most comfortable in boy's clothes and lived in the Sahara).

CARSON McCULLERS – A classic … a book of radiance and strength.
FREYA STARK – A book as excellent as its title. [In a letter to LB dated 5/12/80]
WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD – Love, wanderlust, faraway places — all that Romance implies — make up this delicious book.
NEW YORKER – Four seething but most enjoyable studies in headlong nonconformity.

UK edition : Weidenfeld & Nicolson | January 2010 | PB 336 pages GBP 7.99 | 978-0753827918
US edition : Simon & Schuster | Foreword by Naomi Wolf | October 2010 | PB 336 pages USD 12.30 | 978-1439197349
ebook: BookBlast ePublishing | November 2014 | 336 pages GBP 8.99 | kindle | google | kobo | apple