britain's slave trade


S. I. Martin

Introduction by Trevor Phillips

THE TIMES – Three centuries before the abolition of the slave trade, an estimated 10 million Africans found themselves on ships bound for the New World. The records of such mass displacement, however, have remained un-researched until now. This account shows the forerunner of the Industrial Revolution as a source of great power and suffering; an influence on diet, language and the attitudes that prevail today.
THE GLEANER – Britain's Slave Trade stands out as an outstanding presentation of Britain's ugliest hours … highly recommended.
AMAZON.CO.UK – Europe has reaped the rewards whilst Africa has suffered the costs of the slave trade … S. I. Martin reveals how the slaving legacy extends to Britain's politics, to the industrial and architectural heritage, to high street banks and to the genetics of the current population. He does not shy away from slavery's shocking cruelty or from sensitive issues … Highly readable.

original edition: Channel 4 Books | 1999 | PB 192 pages GBP 3.99 | 978-0752272511 | History, Other Historical Subjects, Slavery

S. I. Martin

s i martin

S. I. Martin is an historian, journalist and teacher, specialising in Black British history and literature. His landmark novel, Incomparable World, is based around the Black community living in Covent Garden in the 18th century. This was followed by Britain's Slave Trade which accompanied Trevor Phillips’ series for Channel 4.

His popular walking tours of London demonstrate "500 Years Of Black London," and his work with London schools and various Museums promote knowledge of Black British history.