pierre loti

PIERRE LOTI — Portrait of an Escapist

Lesley Blanch

Dramatic travel writer, French naval officer who wore rouge and liked to disguise himself as a Turk or a Bedu, amateur acrobat, ebullient self-dramatist and romantic: Pierre Loti was a global celebrity before the concept was even thought of. When he died in 1923, he was given a state funeral, the only French writer to have received such an honour other than Victor Hugo. An unorthodox writer, Loti’s most outstanding creation was himself.

GABRIELLE ANNAN, NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS – Lesley Blanch is a most congenial biographer for this eccentric man … She has a natural sympathy with people who live out their fantasies … She also has the sense of humour her subject lacks, and is very funny without ever being unkind.
SPECTATOR – Lesley Blanch was one of the twentieth century's most exotic travel writers.
WASHINGTON POST – An exceptionally good biography of an exceptionally interesting man.

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