Translated by Lulu Norman
Awards: Prix Malek Haddad – Fondation Nourredine Aba ; Prix France-Maghreb Afrique-Méditerranée ; Prix Radio-Beur ; Inaugural 3AM Good Sex Prize 2004

TIME OUT (Book of the Week) – The Demented Dance (La Noce des Fous) was first published in 1990, predating Irvine Welsh and the 'keeping it real' writing boom that came after … It's easy for the comfortable reader to make a fetish of others' deprivation, but this book demands more from its audience. What elevates The Demented Dance above similar stories is the interior life of the narrator. Even as he is written off by his teachers, Tarik remains aware of his own oblivion, thereby keeping himself alive. And the ending is a shock, an undeserved but somehow inevitable fate … For reference, think La Haine think the Cités — the concrete Parisian suburbs we only hear about when there's rioting. Nowadays it's hard to refer to anyone as an 'outsider' without instantly reducing their difference to a brand. So check out Mounsi's writing for yourself: it's a true lesson in walking in another's shoes.
HARRIETT GILBERT, BBC WORLD SERVICE – Mounsi is an extraordinary French novelist … In his novel The Demented Dance, Mounsi uses almost mythic language, imagery and rhythms to tell the essentially brutal story of young Tarik struggling to survive among the ugly shantytowns, immigrant outskirts, wasteland and tower blocks that circle the Paris of tourist brochures.
PUBLISHING NEWS – A sort of Algerian Trainspotting.

original edition : Blackamber Books | January 2003 | PB 250 pages GBP 5.99 | 978-1901969160 | Fiction, Europe



Singer and novelist, Mounsi, was born in Algeria and aged seven was sent to live with his father, a factory-worker, in the Parisian suburb, Nanterre. He discovered the poetry of Francois Villon and turned to writing in borstal. His mother tongues are Kabyle and Arabic, but he writes in French.
The author of five novels, award-winning The Demented Dance (La noce des fous) is published by Blackamber. He is working on a novel and a screenplay.