LE FOOT — The Legends of French Football

DJ Tov (ed.)

With an introduction by Irvine Welsh

Contributors: David Baddiel, Patrick Barclay, Will Buckley, Tam Dean Burn, Marcel Desailly, Charlie Hall, Amy Lawrence, Jean-Philippe Leclaire, Michel Platini, Ben Richards, Ian Ridley, Salman Rushdie, Irvine Welsh & others.
Translators: Philippa Bowe & Giles Smith, Georgia de Chamberet, Bernard Cohen, Jean Guiloineau, Olivier Michel, Fanny Pagniez & Lucio Mad.

IRVINE WELSH – Le Foot is as diverse as French sporting tastes and is of Platini or Zidane quality, brilliant interviews with both of those masters featuring in its pages. Yes it's that excellent; it has the capacity to affirm, surprise and irritate. It's also not afraid to stray from well-worn Media Central routes, as in Tam Dean Burn's piece on Franck Sauzée … There's something for everyone and the standard of writing is very high.
WATERSTONES ONLINE – With great dexterity and passion, the story of French football is vividly brought to life with this ambitious and impressive collection of disparate writers … the time is right for a book as relevant to the English Premiership as it is to passionate Latin land across the channel.
TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT – A lively collection … there is much to enjoy in this Anglo-French venture.
OBSERVER – One of the more intriguing books amid the deluge of soccer literature.

original edition : Abacus | May 2000 | PB 298 pages GBP 5.99 | 978-0349112701 | Sports, Hobbies & Games, Football, European Leagues