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Spotlight Jonathan Coe, Olivia Rosenthal, Claudia Durastanti French Literature Festival, pt 1

I was delighted to be invited along to some of the key talks held at this year’s French Literature Festival at the French Institute in South Kensington. ‘Beyond Words French Literature Festival’ has become ‘The […]

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Top 5 French Reads IV Book Blast Presents

BookBlast’s top 5 French reads creating a buzz across the Channel is accompanied by bittersweet news. Over 600 small businesses have been destroyed or damaged in Paris alone since the yellow vests protests at the […]

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Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds XIV Book Blast Presents

  Our Book Blast top 10 reads to see us out of the old, into the new, year, feature superb writing from China, fin-de-siècle Paris, the Middle East, Istanbul by way of New York, Switzerland […]

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Top 5 Reads for Independent Minds III Book Blast Presents

The Book Blast Top 5 Reads monthly feature rounds up five eclectic reads from France, Italy, New York and the Indian Ocean.  Little by Edward Carey (Sunday Times Book of the Year) “In the same […]

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Qaisra Sharaz, Peter Kalu 10×10 Tour BookBlast Waterstones Bristol

At Waterstones Bristol, the seventh talk of the BookBlast® 10×10 tour, Rosemarie Hudson, founder of HopeRoad Publishing, will be in conversation with Qaisra Shahraz and Peter Kalu. HopeRoad promotes inclusive literature with a focus on […]

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Top 5 Reads for Independent Minds II Book Blast Presents

This month’s Top 5 reads features titles by some of the independent publishers being showcased in the 10×10 BookBlast Waterstones Tour at talks being held in flagship Waterstones stores across the regions of England. Starting […]

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Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds XIII Book Blast Presents

This month’s top 10 reads from Book Blast comes late since preparations for the exhilarating BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour have eaten up time . . . we bring you a sequel to the lodestar of […]

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BookBlast® Interview
bookblast reivew art of white roses Viviana Prado-Núñez cover bookblast diary

The Art of White Roses Viviana Prado-Núñez Review

BookBlast reviews The Art of White Roses by Viviana Prado-Núñez (Papillote Press) A New York Public Library’s recommended reading list choice for National Caribbean American Heritage Month in 2020 “When has anyone official in this […]

Viviana Prado-núñez bookblast diary interview
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Viviana Prado-Núñez Author Interview

BookBlast Interview with author Viviana Prado-Núñez Viviana Prado-Núñez, where were you born, and where did you grow up? I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and lived in Gurabo until I was five. After […]