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Copyright Maurizio Quarello from Rosa’s Bus by Fabrizio Silei Darf Publishers, London
Children's & Young Adult
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Book Blasts Autumn Reads for Independent Minds

Our seasonal round up Autumn Reads for Independent Minds is fueled by a core belief that good writing and good ideas of all kinds make the world go round, giving context to modern life and […]

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BB Archive Latest News & Venues The Childrens Bookshow

National treasure, Michael Rosen, will be kicking off The Children’s Bookshow this year, on Friday 22 September, 10.30am & 1.30pm, Theatre Royal, Newcastle Here is a presentation of Jean-Francois Dumont’s book The Geese March in […]

Translator Interviews

Interview Siân Williams, translator

Siân Williams, tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m a translator and the founder of The Children’s Bookshow, a national tour of writers and illustrators of children’s literature which has been taking place in […]