Six Spanish Women Writers dedalus books bookblast diary review

Six Spanish Women Writers Review

Take Six: Six Spanish Women Writers edited by Simon Deefholts & Kathryn Phillips-Miles is a welcome collection of twenty-seven short stories by six influential Spanish women writers, written over the past one hundred and twenty […]

bookblast diary review wilder winds bel olid

Wilder Winds Bel Olid Review

The daughter of immigrants, Bel Olid is a prizewinning writer, translator and teacher of literature and creative writing. The President of the European Council of Associations of Literary Translators, and President of the Association of […]

bookblast review the intimate resistance josep maria equirol
Non Fiction

The Intimate Resistance Josep Maria Esquirol Review

A profound reflection on the human condition, Intimate Resistance is a welcome alternative to those glib bestselling books by counsellors and guides who synthesize complicated intellectual, scientific and spiritual ideas for instant, easy consumption. Living […]

bookblast review forty lost years rosa maria arquimbau trs peter bush

Forty Lost Years Rosa Maria Arquimbau, Andrew McDougall Review

Andrew McDougall reviews Forty Lost Years by Rosa Maria Arquimbau for BookBlast. In translating the novel Forty Lost Years into English, Fum d’Estampa Press and Peter Bush have gifted Anglophone readers a forgotten gem of […]

The Others by Raul Garrigasait bookblast diary review

The Others Raül Garrigasait, Andrew McDougall Review

Raül Garrigasait’s irreverent yet poignant novel, The Others, is excellently translated from the Catalan by Tiago Miller. Its central character is a young Prussian man who crosses Europe to fight for the Carlists in Spain. […]

tim gutteridge interview book blast
Translator Interviews

Tim Gutteridge Translator Interview

Book Blast interview with translator Tim Gutteridge Tim Gutteridge, tell us a little bit about yourself I was born and brought up in Scotland but I live in Cadiz, in the south of Spain, with […]

manuel vilas heaven bookblast review

Heaven Manuel Vilas Review

Review by Rachel Goldblatt of Heaven by Manuel Vilas to accompany Georgia de Chamberet discussing the work and world of Vilas with translator James Womack for BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide. Any thought of […]

BookBlast® Interview

Judith Uyterlinde & Lydia Unsworth World Editions Interview

BookBlast interviews Judith Uyterlinde (Publishing Director) & Lydia Unsworth (Editor-in-Chief) at World Editions as a three-way conversational Q&A. Are (were) your parents great readers? Tell us a bit about yourself. JUDITH (Publishing Director): My father […]

bookblast top ten reads nov_dec 2018
BookBlast® Reading Lists

Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds XIV Book Blast Presents

  Our Book Blast top 10 reads to see us out of the old, into the new, year, feature superb writing from China, fin-de-siècle Paris, the Middle East, Istanbul by way of New York, Switzerland […]

bookblast august 2018 top five reads
BookBlast® Reading Lists

Top 5 Reads for Independent Minds I Book Blast Presents

Book Blasts Top 5 Reads for Independent Minds this month showcases Ariel Khan, Teresa Solana, Fred D’Aguiar, Marinko Koščec, Oliver Bottini. There’s much excitement here at BB HQ about the 10×10 tour of superb independent […]