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C. J. Schüler reviews The Dandy at Dusk, Philip Mann

  C. J. Schüler reviews The Dandy at Dusk by Philip Mann. What makes a dandy? In the popular imagination, the dandy is a peacock, eccentrically and eye-catchingly dressed. Nothing, however, could be further from […]

Beauty Victims at Le Palace, 3:AM Magazine, 2005 bookblast
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BB Archive Beauty Victims at Le Palace, 3:AM Magazine 2005

An early article, Beauty Victims at Le Palace, by Georgia de Chamberet especially written for 3:AM Magazine first published in 2005. During a recent trip to Paris, I mentioned to various French publishers that in the UK, […]

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Sex in the City: Nineteenth-century Paris & London Explorations

Sex in the City for women of the demi-monde living in nineteenth-century Paris and London involved living a racy, scandalous and at times, dangerous, lifestyle. In his planning notes for Nana, the character of which […]