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Podcast Fatima Daas, author, The Last One (French & English)

An autobiographical first novel, The Last One tells the story of Fatima Daas and her family. The confusing polarities between different worlds and cultures that are portrayed sparked an intense Media debate in France. Although […]

love in five acts daniela krien bookblast diary review

Review Love in Five Acts, Daniela Krien

BookBlast reviews Love in Five Acts by Daniela Krien translated from the German by Jamie Bulloch (MacLehose Press). Love in Five Acts could either strike a strong chord of recognition, inspire relief at being in […]

Non Fiction

Review Chauvo-Feminism: On Sex, Power & #MeToo, Sam Mills

Chauvo-Feminism: On Sex, Power and #MeToo by author and publisher, Sam Mills. It is an erudite, pithy assessment of the chauvo-feminist man based on personal lived experience and testimonies from women and men. Journalist, writer […]

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Podcast Natasha Lehrer translator of Consent, Vanessa Springora

Hear the BookBlast® Podcast with award-winning translator, Natasha Lehrer, discussing Consent; the “existential” idealism of “liberty”, the trouble with Feminism in France and literary name-and-shame public revelations leading to the downfall of powerful sexual abusers. […]

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Review The Familia Grande, Camille Kouchner

The publication of La Familia Grande by Camille Kouchner reveals how incest is everpresent at the highest levels of French society, even among the most glamorous, powerful, bohemian, left wing intellectual Parisian élite, known as […]

bookblast diary review yan ge the chilli bean paste clan balestier books

Review The Chilli Bean Paste Clan, Yan Ge

BookBlast reviews The Chilli Bean Paste Clan by Yan Ge. Winner of a PEN Translates Award. “Chilli bean paste was big business, had been for Gran’s family for four or five generations. Sichuan peppers, on […]

Top 5 French Reads bookblast diary

Book Blasts Top 5 French Reads I

BookBlast’s curated Top 5 French Reads recommends works in French for translation into English. So here is our pick of this year’s new releases of la rentrée littéraire.  La rentrée littéraire is a curious phenomenon: […]