Sharif Gemie reviews Be As Children, Vladimir Sharov

BookBlast review of Be Like Children by Vladimir Sharov, a finalist for the Russian Booker and Big Book awards. “My own experience has taught me that being at the centre of events makes you the […]

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BB 10×10 Tour Waterstones Brighton, Meike Ziervogel Jamie Bulloch Nashwa Gowanloch

At Waterstones Brighton, the fifth talk of the BookBlast® 10×10 tour, a nationwide celebration of independent publishing, Peirene Press which focuses on European & World Literature, much of it in translation, will be featured. It […]

bookblast diary top ten reads november 2017
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Book Blasts Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds V

  Our eclectic November top ten reads rejoice in strong women and have a radical, cosmopolitan flavour. We continue our celebration of 15 years of the Childrens’ Bookshow, highlighting two more books featured in this […]

russian revolution 1917cover bookblast diary

Review Revolution! Writing from Russia 1917 (ed) Pete Ayrton

BookBlast reviews Revolution! Writing from Russia 1917, edited by Pete Ayrton “The city is destroyed, plundered. A very interesting city. Polish culture. An ancient, rich Jewish colony. These frightening bazaars, dwarfs in hooded coats, hoods […]

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Review Childrens Books by Megumi Iwasa & Mayakovsky, Mandelstam, Kharms

Childrens Books for kids of all ages are showcased by The Children’s Bookshow. Here is a selection of some of the leading titles for this year. Little children do what grown-ups do. So when mother […]

oxford translation day 2017 bookblast spotlight
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Spotlight Oxford Translation Day at St Anne’s College

“Translation does not simply jump from one language to another. It also ‘crosses’ languages in the sense of blending them, as you might cross a bulldog with a borzoi, or two varieties of rose . […]

bookblast talks french institute london What do book editors want?
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Spotlight What do book editors want?

“What do book editors want?” was one of the headline discussion panels held six days ago at the French Institute in London as part of this year’s Britain and Creative Europe Programme. Britain is part […]

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