Review Thirsty Sea, Erica Mou

BookBlast review of debut novel Thirsty Sea by Italian singer-songwriter Erica Mou (trs. Clarissa Botsford). Erica wrote this book at the kitchen table of her rented accommodation in London. The image maybe be near-perfect but […]

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Review Venice Noir, Isabella Panfido

BookBlast reviews Venice Noir: The Dark History of the Lagoons by Venetian writer, cultural journalist and radio presenter, Isabella Panfido, translated by Christine Donougher. Winner of the Latisana per il Nord-Est Prize and the Gambrinus […]

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BB Archive Journey into the Mind’s Eye, Lesley Blanch, New York Review of Books Classics

Lesley Blanch: “My book is not altogether autobiography, nor altogether travel or history either. You will just have to invent a new category,” Lesley Blanch wrote about Journey into the Mind’s Eye, a book that […]

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Review A Man of Genius, Janet Todd

Janet Todd’s first work of fiction, A Man of Genius published by Bitter Lemon Press, is elegant and compelling. “She knew her love was flecked with revulsion, both from him and from herself – for […]

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Interview Janet Todd, author

Janet Todd, where were you born, and where did you grow up? Born in mid Wales. Grew up in Wales, England, Scotland, Bermuda, Sri Lanka — we moved around a lot! Boarding school in Dolgellau. […]

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Interview Linda Kelly, author

BookBlast® interviews Linda Kelly, biographer and historian. Where were you born and where did you grow up? I was born in Kent and brought up in the country, mostly in Hampshire. However I was also a wartime […]

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Sex in the City: Nineteenth-century Paris & London Explorations

Sex in the City for women of the demi-monde living in nineteenth-century Paris and London involved living a racy, scandalous and at times, dangerous, lifestyle. In his planning notes for Nana, the character of which […]