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Turf Wars (2) Olivier Norek Review

Turf Wars is the second of Olivier Norek’s true-grit Captain Coste trilogy set in the banlieues of Paris. Norek has an unusual C.V. Born in Toulouse in 1975, he worked for a humanitarian charity in […]

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Rosy & John & The Paris Crime Files Pierre Lemaitre Review

BookBlast review of Rosy & John by Pierre Lemaitre, author and screenwriter of the Paris Crime Files a.k.a. Verhœven series. A Goncourt prizewinner, he is the acknowledged master of French Noir. Rosy & John, translated […]

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The Mystery of Henri Pick David Foenkinos, Henrietta Foster Review

The Mystery of Henri Pick by David Foenkinos is reviewed by Henrietta Foster for BookBlast Diary. An established journalist, TV producer and film-maker, her latest film Beyond the Grace Note (Sky Arts) looks at some […]

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The Horseman’s Song Ben Pastor Review

Book Blast Review. The Horseman’s Song, the sixth in the Martin Bora series following on from the success of Road to Ithaca, Tin Sky, A Dark Song of Blood, Lumen and Liar Moon. “Bora felt […]

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Ben Pastor Novelist Interview

BookBlast interviews Ben Pastor, novelist  Ben Pastor, where were you born, and where did you grow up? I was born in Rome, and grew up in the hill country southeast of the city. Ten elements […]

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Top 5 Reads for Independent Minds I Book Blast Presents

Book Blasts Top 5 Reads for Independent Minds this month showcases Ariel Khan, Teresa Solana, Fred D’Aguiar, Marinko Koščec, Oliver Bottini. There’s much excitement here at BB HQ about the 10×10 tour of superb independent […]

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Quinton Skinner Author Interview

Book Blast interviews author Quinton Skinner who lives in Minneapolis, USA Quinton Skinner, where were you born, and where did you grow up? I was born and grew up in a working-class area of Columbus, […]


Leo Kanaris Blood & Gold Review

Blood & Gold, and an earlier thriller by Leo Kanaris, Codename Xenophon, are perfect examples of how well-crafted detective fiction from another culture opens windows on to a brave new world, and shows that there […]

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Arab Jazz Karim Miské Review

Although a thriller, Arab Jazz is really about muddled identities, lives destroyed by religious extremism, and dysfunctional families coexisting in fragile racial harmony in impoverished neighbourhoods. The narrative travels between the ungentrified 19ième arrondissement of  […]