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French Muslims in Perspective Joseph Downing Review

The French Muslim community numbers nearly 6 million, and is growing. French Muslims in Perspective: Nationalism, Post-Colonialism and Marginalisation under the Republic by Joseph Downing is rich in detail for curious minds, with copious end notes […]

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Madeleine Euan Cameron Review

Book Blast reviews Euan Cameron’s novel Madeleine. Madeleine is a perfectly-formed, psychologically acute first novel of love and war, shameful secrets and cowardly treachery. Euan Cameron’s prose sparkles with unsettling beauty and intelligence as he […]

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Tatiana de Rosnay, Alicia Drake & Others Beyond Words LitFest pt. 2

This is the second post rounding up the highlights of the Beyond Words LitFest 2019 at the Institut Français Royaume-Uni. “So many books have been written with Paris as a character and there are so […]

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Close Encounters of a European Kind 3:AM Magazine BB Archive

An early article from the BookBlast Archive, Close Encounters of a European Kind by Georgia de Chamberet for 3:AM Magazine first published in February 2007. After generations of slaughter on its soil, Europe found peace and […]

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Clara Beaudoux Author Interview

Book Blast interview with Clara Beaudoux, author Clara Beaudoux tell us a bit about yourself; where were you born, and where did you grow up?  I was born and raised in Paris. What sorts of […]