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Michael Wise New Vessel Press USA Interview

Book Blast actively collaborates with colleagues across the Atlantic on editorial and translation projects. Its digital publishing programme sees titles published with Amazon, Kobo and Google worldwide. We are now expanding our reach globally by […]

henrietta rose innes bookblast diary

Henrietta Rose-Innes Author Interview

BookBlast interviews Henrietta Rose-Innes, author Henrietta Rose-Innes, tell us a bit about your childhood years. Where were you born, and where did you grow up? Born and bred in Cape Town, under Table Mountain. All […]

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Interview Sam Mills Dodo Ink Publishing

BookBlast interviews author and co-founder of independent publisher Dodo Ink Publishing, Sam Mills Sam Mills, tell us a bit about yourself; (were) your parents great readers?  I’m unusual in that I’m from a working class […]

isambard wilkinson bookblast diary review
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Travels in a Dervish Cloak Isambard Wilkinson Review

BookBlast reviews the memoir by Isambard Wilkinson, Travels in a Dervish Cloak (Eland Books). “The next morning, standing in the doorway to see me off on my way to the north of Punjab, to the […]

stuart evers bookblast interview

Stuart Evers Author Interview

Book Blast interview with Stuart Evers, author Stuart Evers, thank you for doing this exclusive interview. Where were you born, and where did you grow up? I was born and raised in a small market […]

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Jen Hamilton-Emery Salt Publishing Interview

Book Blast interview with Jen Hamilton-Emery, fiction editor and director of independent Salt publishing, based in Cromer, Norfolk. Are (were) your parents great readers? Tell us a bit about yourself. Yes, both my parents were […]

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The Gallows Pole Benjamin Myers Review

Book Blast reviews The Gallows Pole by Benjamin Myers published by Bluemoose Books to great acclaim. Made into a three-part TV series for the BBC by Element Pictures, Big Arty Productions, and A24, the adaptation […]

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Kevin Duffy Bluemoose Books Interview

Book Blast interview with Kevin Duffy who lives in Hebden Bridge with Hetha, co-founder of Bluemoose Books, his two sons and their dog, Eric. Are (were) your parents great readers? Tell us a bit about […]

book of the sultan's seal Youssef Rakha bookblast review

The Book of the Sultan’s Seal, Youssef Rakha Review

Youssef Rakha explores a man’s “transformation during twenty-one days from a Europeanized intellectual to a semi-madman who believed he could perform magic deeds to resurrect the Islamic caliphate” is a very readable feast — taking […]