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Thirsty Sea Erica Mou Review

BookBlast review of debut novel Thirsty Sea by Italian singer-songwriter Erica Mou (trs. Clarissa Botsford). Erica wrote this book at the kitchen table of her rented accommodation in London. The image maybe be near-perfect but […]

bookblast interview Justin David Nathan Evans Inkandescent
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Justin David & Nathan Evans Inkandescent Interview

BookBlast interviews Justin David, publisher at and author of The Pharmacist and Kissing the Lizard ; and Nathan Evans, editor at and author of Threads, CNUT and One Last Song.  Justin, Nathan, are (were) […]

bookblast review andrew mcdougall afonso cruz

Kokoschka’s Doll Afonso Cruz, Andrew McDougall Review

Andrew McDougall reviews for BookBlast Kokoschka’s Doll by Afonso Cruz, translated by Rahul Bery. A surreal, poignant and , vertiginous reflection on the nature of the universe, life’s coincidences and the human condition. “I’m writing […]

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Your Feet Will Lead You Where your Heart Is Bakwa Books Review

The ten young writers from Cameroon and Nigeria showcased in the bilingual anthology out with Bakwa Books, Your Feet Will Lead You Where your Heart Is (Le Crépuscule des âmes sœurs), edited by Dzekashu Macviban […]

bestseller beka adamashvili bookblast review

Bestseller Beka Adamashvili Review

Georgia de Chamberet reviews Bestseller out with Dedalus Books to accompany the interview with Beka Adamashvili & translator Tamara Japaridze for BookBlast Podcast series,  Bridging the Divide. An entertaining mocking of literary aspirations, Beka Adamashvili’s […]

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Bridging the Divide series, Full Listing, BookBlast Podcast

Bridging the Divide: Translation & the Art of Empathy, a new BookBlast® Podcast series Thursday 30 July, 5 pm: A ground-breaking weekly podcast series kicks off, championing independent publishers committed to publishing writing in translation; […]

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Slovak Novels by Balla, Kovalyk, Dobrakovová Review

Lucy Popescu rounds up three Slovak novels giving BookBlast an exclusive flavour of what’s on offer from Slovak authors on tour as part of the Raising the Velvet Curtain festival of literature. Balla, Uršuľa Kovalyk […]

BookBlast® Interview

Ivana Dobrakovová Author Interview

Book Blast interview with author Ivana Dobrakovová Ivana Dobrakovová, where were you born, and where did you grow up? I was born in Czechoslovakia, in Bratislava, and I grew up there as well, in a […]

dina nayeri interview bookblast
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Dina Nayeri Author Interview

Book Blast interview with author, Dina Nayeri Dina Nayeri, where were you born, and where did you grow up? I was born in Tehran, lived in Isfahan until I was eight, then spent sixteen months […]

Bindlestiff Wayne Holloway cover bookblast review

Bindlestiff Wayne Holloway Review

Book Blast review of Bindlestiff, Wayne Holloway’s satirical exposure of what lies behind the Hollywood dream and the image on screen. “So, you get the picture. A town with a lot of flashing red lights […]