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BB Archive Where have all the intellectuals gone? Book Launch Librairie La Page

The book launch at Librairie La Page, 7 Harrington Road, South Kensington SW7 next Tuesday 20 March at 6.30pm is likely to be a magnet for intellectuals: a rare breed nowadays, since informed, considered debate […]

bookblast diary top 5 french reads january 2018

Book Blasts Top 5 French Reads II

New year, new in from France: here is our list of top 5 French reads creating a buzz across the Channel, found for translation into English.  I, Self, Me: social media and the human condition […]

Top 5 French Reads bookblast diary

Book Blasts Top 5 French Reads I

BookBlast’s curated Top 5 French Reads recommends works in French for translation into English. So here is our pick of this year’s new releases of la rentrée littéraire.  La rentrée littéraire is a curious phenomenon: […]