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Forgotten female photographers Gael Elton Mayo Spotlight BookBlast
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The Red Children by Maggie Gee Review
bookblast review the dawn of language Sverker Johansson
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The Dawn of Language Sverker Johansson Review

The Dawn of Language: The Story of How We Came to Talk by Sverker Johansson adroitly translated by Frank Perry, weighs in at over 400 pages.  The Great Simplifiers Each month produces a new crop […]

Top 5 Nature Books for Independent Minds bookblast diary
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Top 5 Nature Books to Transform Social Isolating Book Blast Presents

  BookBlast’s Top 5 Nature Books to transform social isolating at home into awe and wonder at the complexity and radiance of nature’s abundance and beauty. Never has the word “social” been more used, just […]

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The Rain Watcher Tatiana de Rosnay Review

BookBlast reviews The Rain Watcher by bestselling novelist Tatiana de Rosnay. Together with Dan Brown, Stephanie Meyer and Stieg Larsson, she has been named one of the top ten fiction writers in Europe. “The flooding […]

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Extinction Rebellion Climate Activist Dom Goetz Podcast

Extinction Rebellion is the focus of this BookBlast Podcast. Climate activist Dom Goetz gives a succinct fifteen-minute summary outlining what faces us all if emergency action is not taken NOW. Sign up at rebellion earth and […]

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The 10 Worst of Everything Sam Jordison Review

BookBlast reviews Sam Jordison’s The 10 Worst of Everything: The Big Book of Bad, a compelling source of alternative general knowledge We live in an increasingly polarised mad and maddening world seemingly going from bad […]

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Zola and the Victorians Eileen Horne Review

Borne out of a personal fascination with the most prominent French novelist of the late 19th century, Zola and the Victorians by Eileen Horne is a work of imaginative narrative non fiction which is a […]