Translator Interviews

Natasha Lehrer Translator Interview

BookBlast interview with Natasha Lehrer translator  Natasha Lehrer, tell us a little bit about yourself. I think of myself as a Londoner born and bred, but in fact I’ve lived all over the place since […]

philip gwyn jones bookblast diary interview

Philip Gwyn Jones Scribe UK Interview

BookBlast interviews editor and publisher, Philip Gwyn Jones, who has over 25 years’ high-level experience at the heart of literary publishing in the UK. Most recently, he founded Portobello Books in 2004, joined Scribe UK […]

this tilting world colette fellous review bookblast diary
Non Fiction

This Tilting World, Colette Fellous Review

BookBlast reviews This Tilting World by Colette Fellous translated from French by Sophie Lewis “Tomorrow, yes, I will leave this house. I’ll abandon the village and the life here, all the faces that I love […]

extinction rebellion top ten reads bookblast diary

Extinction Rebellion Climate Activist Dom Goetz Podcast

Extinction Rebellion is the focus of this BookBlast Podcast. Climate activist Dom Goetz gives a succinct fifteen-minute summary outlining what faces us all if emergency action is not taken NOW. Sign up at rebellion earth and […]

toby litt exclusive interview bookblast diary

Toby Litt Author Interview

Book Blast interview with Toby Litt, the British writer, mentor and academic based at the University of Southampton. How has Ampthill changed from when you were growing up there in the 1970s? When I was […]

wrestliana toby litt review bookblast diary cover
Non Fiction

Wrestliana Toby Litt Review

“I decided to write a book about William, and to pay tribute to him by calling it Wrestliana. By doing this, I would explicitly take William on, on his home ground. Because all of this […]

journey into the mind's eye new york review of books media release
BookBlast Estates

Journey into the Mind’s Eye Lesley Blanch, NYRB Classics News Archive

BookBlast Estates News: Journey into the Mind’s Eye by Lesley Blanch reissued by New York Review of Books Classics Lesley Blanch: “My book is not altogether autobiography, nor altogether travel or history either. You will […]

bookblast diary Republic of Consciousness Prize for Small Presses photo taken by chamberet at 2018 buffet exhibition
Spotlight on Publishing

The Second Republic of Consciousness Prize Spotlight

Now in its second year, The Republic of Consciousness Prize for Small Presses is making waves and highlighting the superb and genuinely original writing being published by diverse independent publishers. “Most writers make less than […]

barnaby rogerson rose baring eland books bookblast diary

The Directors of Eland Books Interview

John Hatt’s Eland Books was the first of a wave of travel lists that emerged in the early 1980s, quickly joined by Century Travellers, the Penguin Classic Travel Library, Picador and Virago. Fifteen years ago, […]

oxford translation day 2017 bookblast spotlight
Spotlight on Publishing

Oxford Translation Day at St Anne’s College Spotlight

“Translation does not simply jump from one language to another. It also ‘crosses’ languages in the sense of blending them, as you might cross a bulldog with a borzoi, or two varieties of rose . […]