The Red Children by Maggie Gee Review
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Sharif Gemie reviews The Dawn of Language: Axes, lies, midwifery and how we came to talk, Sverker Johansson

Sharif Gemie reviews Sverker Johansson’s The Dawn of Language which weighs in at over 400 pages; adroitly translated by Frank Perry. The Great Simplifiers Each month produces a new crop of hefty volumes; and each […]


Review Bestseller, Beka Adamashvili

Georgia de Chamberet reviews Bestseller out with Dedalus Books, ahead of interviewing Beka Adamashvili & translator Tamara Japaridze for the BookBlast Podcast Bridging the Divide series. An entertaining mocking of literary aspirations, Beka Adamashvili’s novel, […]

Unspoken Legacy Claudia Black Central Recovery Press bookblast diary
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Review Unspoken Legacy, Claudia Black

BookBlast reviews Unspoken Legacy by Claudia Black, a pioneer in treating trauma, families, addiction and adult children of alcoholics & dysfunctional families. Human beings are violent creatures so exposure to traumatic events which leave an […]

extinction rebellion top ten reads bookblast diary

Podcast Extinction Rebellion & climate activist Dom Goetz

Find out about Extinction Rebellion, sign up at rebellion earth, and hear climate activist, Dom Goetz, give a succinct fifteen minute summary of what faces us all if emergency action is not taken NOW. I […]

ten worst of everything sam jordison cover bookblast diary review
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Review The 10 Worst of Everything: The Big Book of Bad, Sam Jordison

BookBlast reviews Sam Jordison’s The 10 Worst of Everything: The Big Book of Bad, a compelling source of alternative general knowledge We live in an increasingly polarised mad and maddening world seemingly going from bad […]

bookblast colin spencer review

Colin Spencer, author & artist Interview

Colin Spencer, tell us a little bit about yourself. I’ve been painting, drawing and writing since I was a child, which means that I’ve been doing it for over seventy years. Paints and brushes cost […]

bookblast Yachar Kemal reviewed

Pêcheurs d’êponges, Yachar Kemal 4Translation

Yachar Kemal worked as a journalist for Cumhuriyet from 1951-63 before turning to fiction which he wrote under a pseudonym, (real name Kemal Sadık Gökçeli). As Turkey’s most prominent novelist, his books have been published […]