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gerald jacobs interview bookblast diary_

Gerald Jacobs Critic & Author Interview

BookBlast interviews Gerald Jacobs, Literary Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, whose books include Judi Dench: A Great Deal of Laughter, A Question of Football, The Sacred Games, Nine Love Letters & a novel, Pomeranski. Gerald […]

bookblast diary review along the amber route schuler
Non Fiction

Along the Amber Route St Petersburg to Venice C. J. Schüler Review

BookBlast reviews the travelogue memoir Along the Amber Route, St Petersburg to Venice by C. J. Schüler. “I am standing in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. In a glass case in front of me are […]

maclehose press read the world bookblast diary
Reading Lists

Read the World with MacLehose Press 5 Notable Writers Spotlight

Read the World with MacLehose Press which specialises in the very best translated literary and crime fiction. If words can offer new worlds, you will find them in the pages of the books by the […]

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BookBlast® Archive

BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour Podcast ep 1

Since the BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour hit the road, we still have 3 events to go, storytelling and showcasing small, risk-taking publishers who fill a unique niche in discovering talent, enriching our literary culture. Starting […]

istros books bookblast 10x10 tour waterstones nottingham
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Christina Pribićević-Zorić, Susan Curtis 10×10 Tour BookBlast Waterstones Nottingham

At Waterstones Nottingham, the fourth talk of the 10×10 BookBlast Waterstones Tour, a nationwide celebration of independent publishing, features Istros Books, founded in 2011 to showcase the very best fiction and non-fiction from the Balkan […]

Christina Pribićević-Zorić interview bookblast diary
Translator Interviews

Christina Pribićević-Zorić Translator Interview

BookBlast interviews translator Christina Pribićević-Zorić Christina Pribićević-Zorić, tell us a little bit about yourself I am from New York. My mother was Irish and my father was from the former Yugoslavia so I had a […]

bookblast diary top 5 french reads january 2018

Top 5 French Reads II Book Blast Presents

New year, new in from France: here is the BookBlast list of top 5 French reads creating a buzz across the Channel, found for translation into English.  I, Self, Me: social media and the human […]

translation as transhumance mireille gansel bookblast diary review
Non Fiction

Translation as Transhumance Mireille Gansel Review

Book Blast Review of Translation as Transhumance by Mireille Gansel, translated from the French by Ros Schwartz (Les Fugitives) “In this beautiful memoir of a life lived in and through translation, Mireille Gansel defines the […]

bookblast talks french institute london What do book editors want?
Spotlight on Publishing

What do Book Editors Want? Spotlight

“What do book editors want?” was one of the headline discussion panels held six days ago at the French Institute in London as part of this year’s Britain and Creative Europe Programme. Britain is part […]