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Venice Noir Isabella Panfido Review

BookBlast reviews Venice Noir: The Dark History of the Lagoons by Venetian writer, cultural journalist and radio presenter, Isabella Panfido, translated by Christine Donougher. Winner of the Latisana per il Nord-Est Prize and the Gambrinus […]

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Along the Amber Route St Petersburg to Venice C. J. Schüler Review

BookBlast reviews the travelogue memoir Along the Amber Route, St Petersburg to Venice by C. J. Schüler. “I am standing in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. In a glass case in front of me are […]

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BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour Podcast ep 1

Since the BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour hit the road, we still have 3 events to go, storytelling and showcasing small, risk-taking publishers who fill a unique niche in discovering talent, enriching our literary culture. Starting […]

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Wrestliana Toby Litt Review

“I decided to write a book about William, and to pay tribute to him by calling it Wrestliana. By doing this, I would explicitly take William on, on his home ground. Because all of this […]

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Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds XI Book Blast Presents

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Where Have All the Intellectuals Gone? Book Launch News Archive

The book launch at Librairie La Page, 7 Harrington Road, South Kensington SW7 next Tuesday 20 March at 6.30pm is likely to be a magnet for intellectuals: a rare breed nowadays, since informed, considered debate […]

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Sparring with Hemingway Robert Ruark 1954-55 BB Archive

An article about sparring with Hemingway and the stamina required to be a writer fell out of Gael Elton Mayo’s copy of Robert Ruark’s Something of Value while rearranging the overfilled bookshelves in the hallway […]

bookblast diary review madeleine project uncovering a parisian life bookblast diary
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The Madeleine Project Clara Beaudoux Review

BookBlast reviews The Madeleine Project: Uncovering a Parisian Life by Clara Beaudoux, translated from the French by Alison Anderson. “I’d been drifting from one studio apartment to another for several years already. I didn’t feel […]

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The Dandy at Dusk Philip Mann Review

The Dandy at Dusk by Philip Mann is reviewed by writer, journalist and cultural historian C. J. Schüler for BookBlast. What makes a dandy? In the popular imagination, the dandy is a peacock, eccentrically and […]

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Magnum Photographic Group Gael Elton Mayo Apollo Magazine BB Archive

Gael Elton Mayo (1921-92) was writer-researcher for the Magnum Photographic Group, Paris, 1950-56, working with Robert Capa, David Seymour and Henri Cartier-Bresson. She wrote Generation X (England) with Cartier-Bresson, later changed to Youth of the […]