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The Settlement Ruth Kirby-Smith Review

BookBlast Review of The Settlement by Ruth Kirby-Smith, set in Ireland in 1921 when trouble flares up after partition under British law by the Government of Ireland Act which created Northern Ireland.. “He stood at […]

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Venice Noir Isabella Panfido Review

BookBlast reviews Venice Noir: The Dark History of the Lagoons by Venetian writer, cultural journalist and radio presenter, Isabella Panfido, translated by Christine Donougher. Winner of the Latisana per il Nord-Est Prize and the Gambrinus […]

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The Bell in the Lake Lars Mytting Review

Review by Rachel Goldblatt of The Bell in the Lake, to accompany Lars Mytting and his translator Deborah Dawkin discussing their collaboration for BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide. “And this also”, said Marlow suddenly, […]

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The Great Homecoming Anna Kim Review

Review by Rachel Goldblatt of The Great Homecoming to accompany Jamie Lee Searle discussing Anna Kim and her translation with publisher Anne Meadows at Granta Books for BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide. Anna Kim’s […]

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Only the Dead A Levantine Tragedy T. J. Gorton Extract

Only the Dead: A Levantine Tragedy,T. J. Gorton’s debut novel, was shortlisted for the Author’s Club First Novel Award in 2020. The narrative moves back and forth between civil war in Beirut and the Levant […]

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T J Gorton Author Interview

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Pomeranski Gerald Jacobs Review

BookBlast reviews Pomeranski by Gerald Jacobs, a novel loosely based on his memories of Brixton in the 1950s and 1960s which was very different to the gentrified place it has become today. Now black-and grey-corporate […]

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Gerald Jacobs Critic & Author Interview

BookBlast interviews Gerald Jacobs, Literary Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, whose books include Judi Dench: A Great Deal of Laughter, A Question of Football, The Sacred Games, Nine Love Letters & a novel, Pomeranski. Gerald […]