The 2019 Warwick Prize for Women in Translation bookblast diary
Spotlight on Publishing

Spotlight The Warwick Prize for Women in Translation

Translation is no longer marginalised as it once was, with its advocates being viewed as quirky oddballs lacking commercial sense and sensibility. The number of independent presses publishing translated literature in the UK has greatly […]

sophie lewis bookblast diary interview
Translator Interviews

Interview Sophie Lewis, translator

Sophie Lewis, where did you grow up? Have you always lived in London? I grew up in Islington in North London. I’m happy to call myself a born and bred Londoner, though my parents were […]

paris burning bookblast diary  chamberet photo

Explorations Paris Burning, Paris Brûle, Georgia de Chamberet

Is Paris burning? Paris is an evocative name that conjures all manner of images including those of protest in its myriad forms. I arrived in the capital the day after the fourth Saturday of gilets jaunes […]

london skyline by bookblast

Robert Elms interviews Georgia de Chamberet, BBC Radio London

Georgia de Chamberet interviewed by Robert Elms for BBC Radio London about The BookBlast® 10×10 Tour in association with Waterstones.   Interview with Robert Elms, BBC Radio London   A carnival of authors, poets, translators […]

beyond words festival 2018 bookblast diary
Spotlight on Publishing

Spotlight Beyond Words Festival of French Literature, London SW7

The second Beyond Words Festival of French Literature at the Institut français in London brings to life the way in which cafés, books and debate are a mainstay of French culture in a uniquely seductive […]

bookblast december top ten reads

Book Blasts Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds VI

December: a time of merry abandon, or seasonal reflection? Our round up of eclectic reads to delight and inspire you takes in both . . . Happy Christmas! Georgia @bookblast Black swans, white cygnets Behind […]

translation as transhumance mireille gansel bookblast diary review
Non Fiction

Review Translation as Transhumance, Mireille Gansel

BookBlast Review of Translation as Transhumance by Mireille Gansel, translated from the French by Ros Schwartz (Les Fugitives). “In this beautiful memoir of a life lived in and through translation, Mireille Gansel defines the process […]

cecile menon les fugitives bookblast diary interview

Interview Cécile Menon, Les Fugitives

 Cécile Menon tells us a bit about yourself; are (were) your parents great readers? Tell us a bit about yourself. My mother was a reader. Of modern classics mainly. She used to go with her […]

new vessel press michael wise bookblast interview bookblast diary

Interview Michael Wise New Vessel Press New York

Michael Wise, tell us a bit about yourself. Are (were) your parents great readers?  I’ve enjoyed reading since I was a child — yes, my parents encouraged me to study and explore books. After studying […]

your father's room michel deon bookblast review

Review Your Father’s Room, Michel Déon

French novelist Michel Déon was born in Paris and died in Galway in 2016 at the age of 97. Admirers of Fournier and Flaubert and the world according to Proust would love his writing which […]