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the fool anne serre les fugitives bookblast review

The Fool & Other Moral Tales Anne Serre Review

Anne Serre is a remarkable and unusual writer; her pen a scalpel dissecting the human condition with painful precision. The Fool & Other Moral Tales – three novellas – is lyrical and disturbing, wonderful and […]

nicolas bouvier so it goes cover bookblast diary
Non Fiction

So It Goes Travels in the Aran Isles Nicolas Bouvier Review

BookBlast review of Travels in the Aran Isles, Xian and Beyond by Nicolas Bouvier to accompany the BookBlast Podcast about the late Swiss author and his traveller’s tales. From The Scorpion-Fish by Nicolas Bouvier: “You […]

henrietta foster review david foenkinos bookblast diary

The Mystery of Henri Pick David Foenkinos, Henrietta Foster Review

The Mystery of Henri Pick by David Foenkinos is reviewed by Henrietta Foster for BookBlast Diary. An established journalist, TV producer and film-maker, her latest film Beyond the Grace Note (Sky Arts) looks at some […]

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Translator Interviews

Sam Taylor Translator Interview

BookBlast interview with award-winning translator, Sam Taylor Sam Taylor, tell us a little bit about yourself I grew up in England, worked as a journalist on The Observer for eight years, moved to France and […]

winter in sokcho review bookblast diary

Winter in Sokcho Elisa Shua Dusapin Review

BookBlast Diary review of Winter in Sokcho by French-Korean author Elisa Shua Dusapin — born to a French father and a South Korean mother like the heroine of her first novel which has gained recognition […]

translator interview aneesa abbas higgins bookblast diary
Translator Interviews

Aneesa Abbas Higgins Translator Interview

BookBlast interview with translator Aneesa Abbas Higgins Aneesa Abbas Higgins, tell us a little bit about yourself. I grew up here in London – my father is Indian and my mother English, and at the […]

memories of low tide chantal thomas bookblast review
Non Fiction

Memories of Low Tide Chantal Thomas Review

BookBlast reviews a lyrical, sensual memoir by Chantal Thomas, Memories of Low Tide, translated by Natasha Lehrer. Summer in Nice on the Côte d’Azur. After a blistering two months without rain there’s a violent storm. […]

Translator Interviews

Natasha Lehrer Translator Interview

BookBlast interview with Natasha Lehrer translator  Natasha Lehrer, tell us a little bit about yourself. I think of myself as a Londoner born and bred, but in fact I’ve lived all over the place since […]

Spotlight on Publishing

Choix Goncourt UK Launch Spotlight

The arrival of the Choix Goncourt in the UK was announced by Marina Warner, President of the Royal Society of Literature: “When the date of this event was set, nobody knew that a crucial election […]