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Spotlight Tatiana de Rosnay, Alicia Drake & Daughters of Simone de Beauvoir French Literature Festival, pt 2

This is the second post rounding up the highlights of Beyond Words French Literature Festival 2019. “So many books have been written with Paris as a character and there are so many clichés about its […]

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Lucy Popescu at European Literature Days, Austria

Lucy Popescu heads to European Literature Days in Austria, and discovers how the exuberant 10th anniversary of a small European literary festival, Literaturhaus Europa, held in the Wachau region, throws into sharp relief the cultural […]

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BB Archive Croquis d’une vie de bohème Lesley Blanch La Table Ronde 19-04-2018

CROQUIS D’UNE VIE DE BOHÈME  Lesley Blanch Préfacé et présenté par Georgia de Chamberet | Traduit de l’anglais par Lucien d’Azay Écrivain et voyageuse, fascinée par l’Orient, Lesley Blanch est restée célèbre en Angleterre pour […]

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Interview Andrew Harmon, theatre director & writing coach

Theatre director and writing coach, Andrew Harmon, gives BookBlast an exclusive interview from his home near Palm Springs CA. He talks about 1950s Hollywood, writing for the screen and stage, producing ‘Improvisathon ‘85’ for Live […]

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BB Archive Far To Go and Many To Love: People and Places, Lesley Blanch

Far To Go and Many To Love: People and Places by Lesley Blanch is a selection of early journalism and travelling tales, edited by Georgia de Chamberet. The collection forms a captivating sequel to On […]

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Silent Women: Pioneers of Cinema (Eds) Bridges & Robson Review

Silent Women: Pioneers of Cinema is the first book to give an overview of early women filmmakers in the USA, Europe and beyond. It has fantastic b/w photos which will appeal to all lovers of […]