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Forgotten female photographers Gael Elton Mayo Spotlight BookBlast
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The Red Children by Maggie Gee Review
be as children-vladimir sharov-sharif bookblast diary review

Be As Children Vladimir Sharov Review

Be Like Children by Vladimir Sharov was a finalist for the Russian Booker and Big Book awards in 2008. “My own experience has taught me that being at the centre of events makes you the […]

bookblast interview Justin David Nathan Evans Inkandescent
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Justin David & Nathan Evans Inkandescent Interview

BookBlast interviews Justin David, publisher at www.inkandescent.co.uk and author of The Pharmacist and Kissing the Lizard ; and Nathan Evans, editor at www.inkandescent.co.uk and author of Threads, CNUT and One Last Song.  Justin, Nathan, are (were) […]

Book Blast Promotes Top 5 Reads from Inkandescent
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Inkandescent Publishing Top 5 Reads Book Blast Presents

East London-based independent publisher Inkandescent “was ‘founded by outsiders for outsiders’ to celebrate original and diverse talent and to publish voices and stories the mainstream neglects – specifically those of the working class and financially […]

bookblast interview Bibi Bakare Yusuf Cassava Republic Press
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Bibi Bakare-Yusuf Cassava Republic Press Interview

Book Blast interviews Bibi Bakare-Yusuf founder of Cassava Republic Press Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, tell us a bit about your childhood and where you grew up.   It was a very privileged upbringing in the sense of […]

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The Settlement Ruth Kirby-Smith Review

BookBlast Review of The Settlement by Ruth Kirby-Smith, set in Ireland in 1921 when trouble flares up after partition under British law by the Government of Ireland Act which created Northern Ireland.. “He stood at […]

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Michèle Roberts Author Podcast

BookBlast Podcast with Michèle Roberts, author of twelve highly-acclaimed novels, including The Looking Glass and Daughters of the House which won the W.H. Smith Literary Award and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. She is […]

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Only the Dead A Levantine Tragedy T. J. Gorton Extract

Only the Dead: A Levantine Tragedy,T. J. Gorton’s debut novel, was shortlisted for the Author’s Club First Novel Award in 2020. The narrative moves back and forth between civil war in Beirut and the Levant […]