Review Stranger to the Moon, Evelio Rosero

Evelio Rosero’s chilling dystopian parable, Stranger to the Moon, is like the detailed, imaginative nightmare of a fantastic surrealist painting by Max Ernst, populated by the bizarre and often monstrous figures of a creation by […]

The Others by Raul Garrigasait bookblast diary review

Andrew McDougall reviews The Others, Raül Garrigasait

Raül Garrigasait’s irreverent yet poignant novel, The Others, is excellently translated from the Catalan by Tiago Miller. Its central character is a young Prussian man who crosses Europe to fight for the Carlists in Spain. […]


Andrew McDougall reviews Kokoschka’s Doll, Afonso Cruz

Andrew McDougall reviews Kokoschka’s Doll by Afonso Cruz, translated by Rahul Bery: a surreal, poignant and sometimes dizzying reflection on the nature of the universe, life’s coincidences and, of course, the human condition. “I’m writing […]


Andrew McDougall reviews Theatre of War, Andrea Jeftanovic

Andrea Jeftanovic’s Theatre of War takes place over three acts and many scenes, and is acted out on various stages. True to its title, this is theatre in the shape of a novel, with the […]


Victor Meadowcroft reviews A Musical Offering, Luis Sagasti

A Musical Offering is Argentinian author Luis Sagasti’s second novel to appear in English. His first, Fireflies (also published by Charco Press and reviewed for The BookBlast Diary) saw translator Fionn Petch nominated for a […]

Spotlight on Publishing

Victor Meadowcroft, A Literary Eruption – The Triumph of Ecuadorian Fiction

In his collection of dispatches from “the new Latin America” entitled How to Travel Without Seeing (trs. Jeffrey Lawrence), celebrated Spanish-Argentine author Andrés Neuman makes this curious statement: “It occurs to me that Ecuadorian literature […]

Translator Interviews

Interview Aneesa Abbas Higgins, translator

Peirene Press bookblast 10x10 tour
BookBlast® Archive

BB 10×10 Tour Waterstones Brighton, Meike Ziervogel Jamie Bulloch Nashwa Gowanloch

At Waterstones Brighton, the fifth talk of the BookBlast® 10×10 tour, a nationwide celebration of independent publishing, Peirene Press which focuses on European & World Literature, much of it in translation, will be featured. It […]

nashwa gowanlock bookblast diary interview
Translator Interviews

Interview Nashwa Gowanlock, translator

Nashwa Gowanlock, tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m a British Egyptian born in Kuwait and raised between there and the UK, where I am now based. I was raised bilingual and attended a […]


Review Leo Kanaris, Blood & Gold

Blood & Gold, and an earlier thriller by Leo Kanaris, Codename Xenophon, are perfect examples of how well-crafted detective fiction from another culture opens windows on to a brave new world, and shows that there […]