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Spotlight on Publishing

Oxford Translation Day at St Anne’s College Spotlight

“Translation does not simply jump from one language to another. It also ‘crosses’ languages in the sense of blending them, as you might cross a bulldog with a borzoi, or two varieties of rose . […]


Leo Kanaris Blood & Gold Review

Blood & Gold, and an earlier thriller by Leo Kanaris, Codename Xenophon, are perfect examples of how well-crafted detective fiction from another culture opens windows on to a brave new world, and shows that there […]

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Arab Jazz Karim Miské Review

Although a thriller, Arab Jazz is really about muddled identities, lives destroyed by religious extremism, and dysfunctional families coexisting in fragile racial harmony in impoverished neighbourhoods. The narrative travels between the ungentrified 19ième arrondissement of  […]

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Betty Boo Claudia Piñeiro Review

Claudia Piñeiro is Argentina’s leading crime and mystery writer who has created “A new literary genre: paranoid fiction. Everyone is a suspect; everyone feels pursued,” Ricardo Piglia. Beef, gauchos and the tango. Eva Perón, military […]

bookblast_Francois_von_Hurter_Bitter_Lemon_Press  interview
BookBlast® Interview

François von Hurter Bitter Lemon Press Interview

Book Blast interviews the founder of Bitter Lemon Press François von Hurter, tell us a bit about yourself. Are (were) your parents great readers? With a Greek mother and a Swiss/Austrian father, the bookshelves at […]