Before the Queen Falls Asleep Huzama Habayeb Review
Non Fiction
my pen is the wing of a bird fiction by afghan women bookblast review

My Pen is the Wing of a Bird New Fiction by Afghan Women Review

Afghan women have been in the news again since the Taliban have banned Voice of America, the BBC and Deutsche Welle after women students and teachers protested peacefully in response to secondary schools for girls […]

bookblast diary review said khatibi sarajevo firewo

Sarajevo Firewood Saïd Khatibi Review

Saïd Khatibi’s polyphonic novel, Sarajevo Firewood, pays homage to the victims of civil war in Algeria and Bosnia in the 1990s, and gives the survivors a voice. Scarred by erratic memories and traumatic recall – […]

bookblast review charif majdalani beirut 2020
Non Fiction

Beirut 2020 The Collapse of a Civilization Charif Majdalani Review

Beirut 2020 – The Collapse of a Civilization translated by Ruth Diver is reviewed by Sharif Gemie for The BookBlast Diary. Remember the Great Fear of March 2020? Remember the empty supermarket shelves, stripped bare […]

bookblast diary interview doug suttle fum d'estampa press
BookBlast® Interview

Douglas Suttle Fum d’Estampa Press Interview

BookBlast interview with Douglas Suttle founder of Fum d’Estampa Press Douglas Suttle, tell us a bit about your childhood and where you grew up. I grew up in a leafy suburb of south London before […]

review the settlement riuth kirby smith bookblast diary

The Settlement Ruth Kirby-Smith Review

BookBlast Review of The Settlement by Ruth Kirby-Smith, set in Ireland in 1921 when trouble flares up after partition under British law by the Government of Ireland Act which created Northern Ireland.. “He stood at […]

Goran Vojnovic the fig tree bookblast review

The Fig Tree Goran Vojnović Review

This review of The Fig Tree by Goran Vojnović accompanies Lucy Popescu‘s interview with him and his translator Olivia Hellewell discussing the effects of war on successive generations of a family marked by the disintegration […]

tahar ben jelloun bookblast podcast
Non Fiction

On Terrorism Tahar Ben Jelloun Review

BookBlast review of On Terrorism: Conversations with My Daughter to accompany Georgia de Chamberet’s interview Tahar Ben Jelloun in French & in English, voice-over by Issa Naseri, for the BookBlast Podcast series, Bridging the Divide.  […]

the great homecoming anna kim bookblast review

The Great Homecoming Anna Kim Review

Review by Rachel Goldblatt of The Great Homecoming to accompany Jamie Lee Searle discussing Anna Kim and her translation with publisher Anne Meadows at Granta Books for BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide. Anna Kim’s […]

extract from only the dead ted gorton debut novel bookblast

Only the Dead A Levantine Tragedy T. J. Gorton Extract

Only the Dead: A Levantine Tragedy,T. J. Gorton’s debut novel, was shortlisted for the Author’s Club First Novel Award in 2020. The narrative moves back and forth between civil war in Beirut and the Levant […]