The Red Children by Maggie Gee Review
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Non Fiction

Review Wilder Winds, Bel Olid

The daughter of immigrants, Bel Olid is a prizewinning writer, translator and teacher of literature and creative writing. The President of the European Council of Associations of Literary Translators, and President of the Association of […]

Non Fiction

Henrietta Foster reviews Mazel Tov, J.S. Margot

Henrietta Foster reviews Mazel Tov by J S Margot ahead of the first two live podcast recordings of the 15-part weekly Bridging The Divide series. In Ep. 1, J S Margot discusses navigating clashing cultures […]

ghosts and jamal review cover bookblast diary

Review The Ghosts & Jamal, Bridget Blankley

BookBlast reviews The Ghosts and Jamal about a young orphan surviving Nigeria’s internal conflicts marked by terrorism and religious strife. “As far as Jamal could tell, only two things were wrong: a dirty yellow vapour […]

isambard wilkinson bookblast interview

Interview Isambard Wilkinson, author

Isambard Wilkinson tell us about your beginnings. Where were you born? Southsea, which conjured exotic images of Pacific islands in my young mind. Then I discovered it was part of Portsmouth. I was born there […]

the orange grove cover peirene press bookblast diary review

Review Larry Tremblay, The Orange Grove

BookBlast®  reviews Peirene No. 23 The Orange Grove by Larry Tremblay: a novel which explores resilience, human relations and survival even in the face of the horror of war and ethnic and religious conflict. UNICEF […]