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Empire Windrush Reflections on 75 years of the Black British Experience ed Onyekachi Wambu bookblast
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Top 10 Black Classics for Independent Minds Book Blast Presents

BookBlast’s Top 10 Black Classics are not only for independent discerning minds but also the curious, general reader. Prejudice is a result of ignorance. The prolific outpouring of support in the press, book trade newsletters […]


Leila Sackur interviews John Robert Lee (ed) Saint Lucian Writers and Writing

Leila Sackur interviews for BookBlast John Robert Lee editor of Saint Lucian Writers and Writing, an indispensable author index of poetry, prose and drama. John Robert Lee, tell us a little bit about yourself. I […]

Keith Anderson aka Bob Andy booblast podcast

Keith Anderson a.k.a. Bob Andy reggae vocalist & songwriter Podcast

Keith Anderson known as Bob Andy talks about his life and times in a rare and exclusive podcast interview. Best known in the UK for the track recorded with Marcia Griffiths “Young, Gifted and Black” […]

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Qaisra Sharaz, Peter Kalu 10×10 Tour BookBlast Waterstones Bristol

At Waterstones Bristol, the seventh talk of the BookBlast® 10×10 tour, Rosemarie Hudson, founder of HopeRoad Publishing, will be in conversation with Qaisra Shahraz and Peter Kalu. HopeRoad promotes inclusive literature with a focus on […]

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BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour Kickstarter Campaign News Archive

The 10×10 BookBlast Waterstones Tour a celebration of independent publishing has grown out of the BookBlast Diary 2016 showcase, promoting daring, risk-taking small publishers who fill a unique niche discovering talent, publishing authentic and offbeat […]

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BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour Catalogue News Archive

The 10×10 BookBlast Waterstones Tour 2018, A Celebration of Independent Publishing Tour dates: 11 Sept-15 Nov. We’ve worked over the past year on this exciting tour. Now it’s time to get on the road!  10 […]

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Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds XIII Book Blast Presents

This month’s top 10 reads from Book Blast comes late since preparations for the exhilarating BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour have eaten up time . . . we bring you a sequel to the lodestar of […]