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bookblast 4translation those who stay jean michelin
Markiyan Kamysh Stalking the Atomic City bookblast review
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bookblast review the intimate resistance josep maria equirol
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The Intimate Resistance Josep Maria Esquirol Review

A profound reflection on the human condition, Intimate Resistance is a welcome alternative to those glib bestselling books by counsellors and guides who synthesize complicated intellectual, scientific and spiritual ideas for instant, easy consumption. Living […]

bookblast review the dawn of language Sverker Johansson
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The Dawn of Language Sverker Johansson Review

The Dawn of Language: The Story of How We Came to Talk by Sverker Johansson adroitly translated by Frank Perry, weighs in at over 400 pages.  The Great Simplifiers Each month produces a new crop […]

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Top 5 Reads from Central Eastern Europe Book Blast Presents

BookBlast’s Top 5 Reads from Central Eastern Europe for Independent Minds showcases contemporary literature in translation from Central & Eastern Europe which carries a stark warning against the consequences of ignorance and organized forgetting under […]

lucy popescu a country to call home bookblast diary review
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A Country to Call Home (ed) Lucy Popescu Review

BookBlast reviews A Country to Call Home edited by Lucy Popescu, focusing on the fate of refugee children and young adults. The anthology features writing by Michael Morpurgo, Eoin Colfer, Kit de Waal and Simon […]

simone de beauvoir bookblast diary Beyond Words French Literature Festival
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Tatiana de Rosnay, Alicia Drake & Others Beyond Words LitFest pt. 2

This is the second post rounding up the highlights of the Beyond Words LitFest 2019 at the Institut Français Royaume-Uni. “So many books have been written with Paris as a character and there are so […]

boyd tonkin interview bookblast diary
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Boyd Tonkin Author & Critic Interview

BookBlast interview, Boyd Tonkin author and critic Boyd Tonkin, where were you born, and where did you grow up?  In suburban North London near the end of the Northern Line, in a small maternity home […]