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bookblast podcast bridging the divide series season 2
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Bridging the Divide series Season 2 BookBlast Podcast

Tune in for a literary adventure and relish the final eight episodes of the BookBlast Podcast series, Bridging the Divide: Translation and the Art of Empathy. Podcast interview Lars Mytting and his translator Deborah Dawkin […]

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Bridging the Divide series Season 1 BookBlast Podcast

The BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide: Translation and the Art of Empathy might just fit the bill if you are looking for something a little different. When reading, do you “hear” the book as […]

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Bridging the Divide series, Full Listing, BookBlast Podcast

Bridging the Divide: Translation & the Art of Empathy, a new BookBlast® Podcast series Thursday 30 July, 5 pm: A ground-breaking weekly podcast series kicks off, championing independent publishers committed to publishing writing in translation; […]

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BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour, it’s a wrap! News Archive

The inaugural BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour was wrapped up on a night of political disunity and meltdown as Brexit hit the road. So we were only too relieved to be hosting the concluding event of […]

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Jane Draycott, Jenny Lewis 10×10 Tour BookBlast Waterstones Manchester

 At Waterstones Manchester on Thurs. 8 November at 6.30 p.m., Michael Schmidt, CEO founder-director of Carcanet will chair the discussion with poets Jane Draycott and Jenny Lewis. Talk theme: Claiming the Great Tradition: Women Recalibrate […]

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BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour Podcast ep 1

Since the BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour hit the road, we still have 3 events to go, storytelling and showcasing small, risk-taking publishers who fill a unique niche in discovering talent, enriching our literary culture. Starting […]

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Yan Ge, Nicky Harman 10×10 Tour BookBlast Waterstones Liverpool

At Waterstones Liverpool, on Thurs. 1 November at 6.30 p.m., Roh-Suan Tung will chair the discussion with author Yan Ge May and her translator Nicky Harman. Talk theme: #MeToo Moments: men misbehaving in China. Book […]

Saqi bookblast 10x10 tour
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Aliyah Holder, Nafeesa Hamid 10×10 Tour BookBlast Waterstones Birmingham

At Waterstones Birmingham, the eighth talk of the BookBlast® 10×10 tour, a nationwide celebration of independent publishing, features Saqi Books. Founded in 1983 in London, Saqi Books is an independent publishing house of quality general […]

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Qaisra Sharaz, Peter Kalu 10×10 Tour BookBlast Waterstones Bristol

At Waterstones Bristol, the seventh talk of the BookBlast® 10×10 tour, Rosemarie Hudson, founder of HopeRoad Publishing, will be in conversation with Qaisra Shahraz and Peter Kalu. HopeRoad promotes inclusive literature with a focus on […]