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Book Blasts Top 10 Black Classics for Independent Minds

BookBlast’s Top 10 Black Classics are not only for independent discerning minds but also the curious, general reader: prejudice is a result of ignorance. The prolific outpouring of support in the press, book trade newsletters […]

Hope Road bookblast 10x10 tour waterstones
BookBlast® Archive

BB 10×10 Tour Waterstones Bristol, Rosemarie Hudson Peter Kalu Qaisra Sharaz

At Waterstones Bristol, the sixth talk of the BookBlast® 10×10 tour, Rosemarie Hudson, founder of HopeRoad Publishing, will be in conversation with Qaisra Shahraz and Peter Kalu. HopeRoad promotes inclusive literature with a focus on […]

protest stories of resistance comma press bookblast review

Review Protest! Stories of Resistance (ed.) Ra Page

Protest! Stories of Resistance is a superb anthology edited by Ra Page, CEO and Founder of Comma Press. He has edited over twenty anthologies.  “Our own, personal experience of the event – as it unfolded […]

lawrence scott interview bookblast diary

Interview Lawrence Scott, author

Lawrence Scott is a prize-winning Caribbean novelist and short-story writer from Trinidad & Tobago. read our review of his novel, Witchbroom, HERE. It is considered to be a classic of Caribbean literature.  Where were you […]

papillote press bookblast diary review

Interview Polly Pattullo, Papillote Press

Papillote Press is based in Dominica and publishes fiction and non-fiction, including children’s books, reflecting the island’s rich culture and literary heritage. Are (were) your parents great readers? Tell us a bit about yourself. We […]

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Empire Windrush (ed.) Onyekachi Wambu 1998 BB Archive

The publication of Empire Windrush: 50 Years of Writing About Black Britain, edited by Onyekachi Wambu, in 1998, unleashed a new wave of books and expanded academic discourse on the impact of black British writing. […]