langford grove school 1923-62 among the bohemians bookblast review
Non Fiction

The Story of Langford Grove School 1923-62 Review

“The story of Langford Grove School is a period piece. It is the story of the remarkable headmistress and sole proprietor, Elizabeth Curtis. Whether it was gin and scallops for lunch with Frank Auerbach; a […]

bookblast review the intimate resistance josep maria equirol
Non Fiction

The Intimate Resistance Josep Maria Esquirol Review

A profound reflection on the human condition, Intimate Resistance is a welcome alternative to those glib bestselling books by counsellors and guides who synthesize complicated intellectual, scientific and spiritual ideas for instant, easy consumption. Living […]

dedalus chris mccabe bookblast diary review

Dedalus Chris McCabe Review

BookBlast review of Dedalus by Chris McCabe, the sequel to James Joyce’s Ulysses. “Too poetical that about the sad. Music did that. Music hath charms. Shakespeare said. Quotations every day in the year. To be […]

boyd tonkin interview bookblast diary

Boyd Tonkin Author & Critic Interview

BookBlast interview, Boyd Tonkin author and critic Boyd Tonkin, where were you born, and where did you grow up?  In suburban North London near the end of the Northern Line, in a small maternity home […]

bookblast zola eileen horne cover maclehose press
Non Fiction

Zola and the Victorians Eileen Horne Review

Borne out of a personal fascination with the most prominent French novelist of the late 19th century, Zola and the Victorians by Eileen Horne is a work of imaginative narrative non fiction which is a […]

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