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Interview Alastair Niven OBE LVO lecturer & arts administrator

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Review In Glad or Sorry Hours a memoir, Alastair Niven

BookBlast reviews In Glad or Sorry Hours, a memoir by Alastair Niven OBE LVO Hon FRS, formerly Director General of The Africa Centre, Director of Literature at the Arts Council of Great Britain and of […]

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Review Three Women, Lucy Tertia George

BookBlast reviews Three Women by Lucy Tertia George. “Be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” – Nora Ephron A strong woman is not defined by men, but is in full possession of herself […]

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BB Archive Journey into the Mind’s Eye, Lesley Blanch, New York Review of Books Classics

Lesley Blanch: “My book is not altogether autobiography, nor altogether travel or history either. You will just have to invent a new category,” Lesley Blanch wrote about Journey into the Mind’s Eye, a book that […]

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BB Archive Gael Elton Mayo, Spain Revisited, Harpers & Queen 1985

Gael Elton Mayo (1921-92) journalist, writer and artist, was a contributor to Harpers & Queen, Apollo, Interiors and The Observer. Spain is a ‘place apart’ from Italy, France and the other Latin countries, with a […]

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BB Archive A Restless Man, Gérard Garouste

Georgia de Chamberet reviews L’Intranquille, A Restless Man, the autobiography of Gérard Garouste (one of the greatest contemporary French painters and proponent of uncompromising portrayals of the human body and pysche) with Judith Perrignon, published […]