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The literary blogosphere is pullulating with writing and opinions on every imaginable subject, era, or school of writing; writers promoting books; readers offering an opinion or amateur reviews; and comment by informed book critics. Here are a few favourites . . .

– blogs for Francophiles

Paris Diary by Laure is ‘a very personal and subjective view of Paris life, like a morning phone call to my best friend’.

The Paris Review was founded in Paris by George Plimpton and friends in 1953 to introduce important writers of the day. The blog is great for readers wanting a shot of culture, but are short on time to read in depth.

Gallic Books publish some of the best French writing available in English translation. Publisher, Jane Aitken, was interviewed exclusively for The BookBlast Diary in November 2016.

– blogs for design aficionados

Browns Editions offer a design feast for the eyes and über-chic ideas.

Thames & Hudson has been an independent, family-owned company since it was founded in 1949 and its World of Art series of books is especially well known.

For that stylish LA look, you couldn’t do better than Mallery Roberts Morgan – a Los Angeles-based writer, curator and interior designer; and the Los Angeles correspondent of Architectural Digest France.

– blogs offering informed opinions

The Times Literary Supplement’s blog about books and ideas is a must-read regular.

Andrew Gallix is editor-in-chief of 3:AM Magazine, credited by The Guardian as being the first literary blog ever. He writes fiction and criticism, edits books, and teaches at the Sorbonne.

Maria Popova’s brain-pickings is a treasure trove of the heteroclite and the offbeat; an inspiring resource for browsing and sharing.

– blogs with bite by indie publishers

Peirene Press is committed to first class European literature in high-quality translation and the books are beautifully designed paperback editions.

Granta magazine was founded in 1889 by students at Cambridge University as The Granta. The Granta blog is an inevitable and very readable offshoot.

Salt is a leading independent publisher based in Norfolk, committed to the discovery and publication of contemporary British literature. Superb.

– blogs which landed a book deal

Shaun Usher’s Letters of Note – an online museum of correspondence visited by over 70 million people – was jointly published in book form by Unbound and Canongate.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti describes herself as ‘a domestic explorer who lives modern life through an Old World lens’ – epitomized by her blog, A Bloomsbury Life.

Little Augury is style with substance, created by an interior designer practising her art for 30 years. Gaye’s book How They Decorated is published by Rizzoli.

– blogs which bring something a little different

Researching sartorial men ideas? Try Philip Mann’s Dandy at Dusk for size. 

Lastly, for all you cyclists out there, here is a blog which ‘celebrates New Yorker roll models who are pioneering a practical, elegant style of cycling’.

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  1. Now here’s a blog for after the sunday papers! It’s got corporate record producer plugging his stuff (some of it really great) though as I was listening to Nina Nastasia at the time I couldn’t hear all he said – sorry.
    More important is the very interesting cycling link to a New York blog. Frankly they don’t know how lucky they are in NYC with the traffic that moves even slower than London. Anyway they sound like Shoreditch on a SUnday but look fabulous and I love their machine-love!
    Keep it up BookBlast! You could be blasting off!

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