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Upcoming podcast series

30 July – 05 November | Bridging the Divide: Translation & the Art of Empathy

The podcast line-up features award-winning, bestselling authors from across Europe, including Lars Mytting, J.S. Margot, Tommy Wieringa, Manuel Vilas and Tahar Ben Jelloun, as well as interviews with their publishers Christopher MacLehose the man behind Nordic Noir –  Adam Freudenheim, Philip Gwyn Jones and Michael Schmidt.

They will be in conversation with podcast hosts Georgia de Chamberet and Lucy Popescu

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Find out the answers to the following questions, and more . . .

Can you tell us what Mazel Tov means?

Editing translations is a special skill. What was the first translation of Stieg Larsson like? Did you have to do a lot of editing?

What were your sources for the pagan, Viking and Christian folklore myths and legends referenced in The Bell in the Lake?

You seem to make a habit of writing about marginalised characters. What drew you to the subject and themes of The Blessed Rita?

Can you briefly describe for our listeners the roots of terrorism in France, and what are its intentions?

Léger clearly emphasised with the performance artist Pippa Bacca and her savage murder. How does translation unite people and increase our capacity to empathise with others?

How easy is to forgive a regime and one’s former torturers?

What type of person do you think makes a very good translator?

Publishing classics requires a special acuity. What makes a classic?

Save the date! Thursday 30 July at 5 pm and every Thursday thereafter, to 05 November.

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