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“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone” — Blaise Pascal

Our response to enforced confinement because of the unprecedented Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic was to create and release a special 15-part podcast series, Bridging The Divide: Translation & The Art of Empathy, (30 July – 05 November). The series champions independent publishers along with their authors and translators.

Hosted by editor and translator, Georgia de Chamberet, and journalist and author, Lucy Popescu, award-winning, bestselling authors from across Europe are interviewed, including Lars Mytting, J.S. Margot, Tommy Wieringa, Manuel Vilas and Tahar Ben Jelloun, as well as their publishers Christopher MacLehose the man behind Nordic Noir –  Adam Freudenheim, Philip Gwyn Jones and Michael Schmidt

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♥ We’ll be back soon with a new Bridging The Divide series! Here’s some 5-star feedback in the meantime:

Boyd Tonkin, The Arts Desk — “A great line-up – congratulations!”

Kirsty Gunn, novelist and writer of short stories — “I LOVE this! Will get the word about”

Peggy Hughes, Programme Director, National Centre for Writing — “Nicely done . . . great to be working on something positive for you, writers and listeners: everyone wins!”

Eland Publishing — “The podcasts have cast an invaluable light on a niche subject:  translation in publishing. For us specifically, the Nicolas Bouvier/Eland podcast has provided both an interesting and useful record of the author, that could be a beneficial tool for research in the future and a documentation of both our editor and translator in conversation; live events are not usually caught in this way. The fact that the interviewee is given space to talk at length on a subject means that these podcasts could be used for students of publishing, literature and/or translation alongside the information given about a specific author”

Margot Vanderstraeten, author of featured title, Mazel Tov  — “I loved working with BookBlast. It was professional, warm, open-minded, efficient. I also loved the mix offered” 

Jane Hedley-Prole, translator — “What a great initiative! I really appreciate your help in raising the profile of Mazel Tov, as well as for putting the spotlight on literary translation” 

Beka Adamashvili, author of featured title, Bestseller — “It was a wonderful experience. At first, it was the first podcast in English for me, and also, questions made me think about the things/subjects which I’ve never thought of before. Everything went according to the plan and also, the environment during the interview was very friendly”

Olivia Hellewell, translator of featured title, The Fig Tree, by Goran Vojnović
“Very professional, well coordinated. An enjoyable and rewarding experience.”

Special thanks to all of our listeners, supporters, sponsors, featured publishers, writers, translators, and events team: sound editor, Rupert Such; BookBlast® Podcast theme-tune composer, Edward Campbell; Tech Director Ben Fiagbe; reviewer Henrietta Foster; interviewer Lucy Popescu; and social media intern, Rachel Goldblatt, for their commitment, expertise and enthusiasm.

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