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The BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide: Translation and the Art of Empathy might just fit the bill if you are looking for something a little different.

When reading, do you “hear” the book as if it is being read to you by the author? The voice tells us so much about a person — where they come from, their personality and how they’re feeling. Hearing authors and translators talk describe their vision and craft can enhance your reading of their books. So here are the first seven episodes. Enjoy!

Podcast interview J.S. Margot, author of the memoir Mazel Tov

What happens when a young Flemish woman at university in Antwerp teaches the four children of an Orthodox Jewish family to earn a bit of extra money? How does her first great love for an Iranian political refugee evolve?

Read Henrietta Foster’s review of Mazel Tov

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Podcast interview Adam Freudenheim, publisher and MD of Pushkin Press

Discover what makes a classic, how Stefan Zweig was rediscovered, what type of person makes a very good translator, and other insights about publishing translations.

Podcast interview  Rose (Eland) and Robyn Marsack (translator) discuss the Swiss writer and photographer, Nicolas Bouvier, (1929-98)

A traveller in the real sense of the word, Bouvier navigated different worlds and wrote about now forgotten communities. He gives us alternative perspectives on places like the Balkans, Iran, Azerbaijan, Japan, China, Korea and the highlands of Scotland.

Georgia de Chamberet’s review of So It Goes

BookBlast interview with Rose & Barnaby, directors of Eland Books

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Podcast interview Jamie Lee Searle (Granta Books) and Anne Meadows (translator) discuss The Great Homecoming by Anna Kim

Experience the Cold War through Asian eyes in this sweeping tale of friendship and betrayal set in Korea and Japan during the 1950s and ’60s.

Rachel Goldblatt’s review of The Great Homecoming

Podcast interview James Womack, translator of Heaven by Manual Vilas

Complex, rich, melancholy, beautiful, biblical and profane, this is a powerful collection of contemporary poetry by one of Spain’s best-selling novelists. Violence, beauty, tenderness, sex and death coexist and have a momentum all of their own, at times even eclipsing the author.

Rachel Goldblatt’s review of Heaven

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Podcast interview Michael Schmidt, publisher and MD of Carcanet Press

What is the magic ingredient meaning you have been able to adapt and evolve since you first founded Carcanet in 1969 with Peter Jones, Gareth Reeves, working from a farmhouse kitchen table? Do many of your poets run creative writing courses and can you recommend a couple to our listeners? Hear the answers to these questions and more . . .

Lucy Popescu (journalist) interviews Lulu Norman (translator) about Aziz Binebine’s Tazmamart: 18 Years in Morocco’s Secret Prison

BineBine’s account of the eighteen years he spent in Morocco’s secret prison, sensitively translated by Lulu Norman, is a must read for anyone interested in human rights and Morocco’s hidden past.

Lucy Popescu’s review of Tazmamart

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The hosts of the series are Georgia de Chamberet and Lucy Popescu. The independent publishers, authors and translators interviewed fill a unique and essential niche in publishing by showcasing myriad inner and outer worlds, enriching our culture.

Season 2: Bridging the Divide: Translation and the Art of Empathy

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