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Since the BookBlast Waterstones 10×10 Tour hit the road, we still have 3 events to go, storytelling and showcasing small, risk-taking publishers who fill a unique niche in discovering talent, enriching our literary culture. Starting from Waterstones in Gower Street in the heart of Bloomsbury, the 10×10 BookBlasters headed north to Newcastle and Leeds, then turned south, and now we are on the western (and final) leg of the tour. It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride!

The talks are being recorded LIVE as we go. Thanks to our successful Kickstarter campaign, we raised 1,566 GBP towards artists’ travel costs and podcasting, so you can listen to all 10 talks at your leisure. Here are the first four BookBlast Podcasts:

The first in the BookBlast 10×10 Tour series of podcasts features Eric Lane from Dedalus Books in conversation with translator Margaret Jull Costa OBE and Glasgow-born award-winning novelist, Andrew Crumey.

Topics: Translating the classics with a focus on Eça de Quieroz, the Portuguese contemporary of Flaubert and Dickens; the European novel; integrity in writing; and the essence of translation, style and idiom.

The second BookBlast 10×10 Tour talk, held at Waterstones in Newcastle, featured Kevin Duffy from Bluemoose Books with novelists Colette Snowden and Dan Micklethwaite.

Topics: What lies behind the success of trailblazing #indiepubs winning prizes and generating literary conversations in the broadsheets and literary journals?; publishing north and south; changing business models; giantism vs. independence; the joys of editing.

The third BookBlast 10×10 Tour talk held at Waterstones in Leeds, featured Ra Page from Comma Press in conversation with C.D. Rose and Ian Duhig.

Topics: Wealth and poverty across the last century in Leeds (a survivors’ city and not fashionable like Manchester or Liverpool), and Birmingham (much of the centre has been knocked down and rebuilt); blind Jack Metcalf, a major 18th century road builder; Tolkien and the discovery of his diaries & more.

The fourth BookBlast 10×10 Tour talk held at Waterstones in Nottingham, featured Istros Books with translator Christina Pribićević-Zorić and Professor David Norris.

Topics: What is intrinsically “Balkan”?; the Holocaust in South East Europe involved not only the genocide of Jews, but also that of Serbs, Romani (gypsies) and anti-Fascist Croatians; the difference between history (statistics) and literature (detail in fiction makes it more alive); trauma and war are beyond understanding; ghosts in literature (memories). 

Next stop: Birmingham. See you there!

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The Bookseller 14/09/2018

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