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Interview | Peter Kalu, author

Meet Peter Kalu in person at the BookBlast 10×10 Tour event, Waterstones, Bristol Galleries: 11A Union Galleries, Broadmead BS1 3XD 6.30 p.m. Thursday 18 October. Theme: Trading Places: Bright City, Dark Secrets. In conversation with Rosemarie Hudson, HopeRoad Publishing, (chair), and author Qaisra Shahraz. Book Tickets

What is your favorite quality?  Brevity.

Where were you born, and where did you grow up?  Earth. Ditto.

What sorts of books were in your family home? Paper ones.

Who were early formative influences as a writer? Tom & Jerry.

Do you write every day, and do you write many drafts? Yes. Yes.

As an author, what are you most proud (or embarrassed) of writing? Words. (Words).

Books that changed your life? Cicero: Murder Trials.

Your views on book publishing? Vague.

How important were, and are, editors? Have you had much encouragement from your editor(s)? Bunch of bastards. None whatsoever.

Which is more important, style or voice? Neither.

Your views on the explosion of creative writing courses? How helpful are they in reality? Cut and paste Melvin Whatshisface’s view here. Alter a couple adjectives.

What are your favorite literary journals? None.

How well are your books received in Europe? Between hate and indifference.

Your views on how new technology has (or has not) changed your writing life? What about social media? Cut and paste Hannah Whatshername’s view here. Alter a verb or two.

If you could go anywhere in time for one day, where would you go and why?  A Roman brothel. Res ipsa loquitur.

Your favourite prose authors?   Me.

Your favourite noir series?  Mine.

Favourite feature films?  Short ones.

Five favourite bands? Elastic. Head. Gastric. Waist. Wrist

Your chief characteristic? Intemperate consumption of prohibited substances.

Your bedside reading? How To Sleep.

Your motto? **** it.


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