bookblast arab jazz review karim miske

Review Arab Jazz, Karim Miské

Although a thriller, Arab Jazz is really about muddled identities, lives destroyed by religious extremism, and dysfunctional families coexisting in fragile racial harmony in impoverished neighbourhoods. The narrative travels between the ungentrified 19ième arrondissement of  […]

bookblast_francesco_d'adamo_oh freedom cover

Review Oh, Freedom! Francesco d’Adamo

Oh, Freedom! is an engrossing adventure story about a family of runaway slaves in the USA in 1860. “I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor […]

bookblast_melanie_schwapp cover hoperoad publishing

Review Dew Angels, Melanie Schwapp

Dew Angels is one of the best young adult novels I have read in a long time. It’s not just Melanie Schwapp’s strong, lucid writing; believable, engaging characters; compelling plotlines; and snappy pace, but also […]

bookblast_betty_boo_claudia_piñeiro bitter lemon press bookblast

Review Betty Boo, Claudia Piñeiro

Claudia Piñeiro is Argentina’s leading crime and mystery writer. “A new literary genre: paranoid fiction. Everyone is a suspect; everyone feels pursued,” Ricardo Piglia. Beef, gauchos and the tango. Eva Perón, military dictatorship and The […]

A Bad End Fernando Royuela Bookblast review

A Bad End, Fernando Royuela Review

In the novel A Bad End, by Fernando Royuela, an ageing midget looks back over his life and loves and losses to hilarious effect. Beautifully translated from the Spanish by Peter Bush, A Bad End […]

bookblast alois hotschnig review

Henrietta Foster on Ludwig’s Room, Alois Hotschnig Review

Henrietta Foster reviews Ludwig’s Room by Alois Hotschnig, translated by Tess Lewis, exclusively for BookBlast. Foster is a freelance journalist and TV producer for the BBC. Her latest film, Beyond The Grace Note, is about […]

lolita by nabokov bookblast explorations

Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov Explorations

“Lolita was rejected by four American publishers in 1954; published in Paris by The Olympia Press, September 1955; banned by the French government, December 1956; found “not objectionable” by U. S. Customs, February 1957; back […]

bookblast review beneath the surface by heidi perks

Beneath the Surface, Heidi Perks Review

Heidi Perks excels at writing page-turners, unravelling the darker side of family secrets, mystery and intrigue. Abigail, a pretty, rebellious seventeen year old, gets home from school to find her family gone. Her toddler twin […]

book of the sultan's seal Youssef Rakha bookblast review

The Book of the Sultan’s Seal, Youssef Rakha Review

Youssef Rakha explores a man’s “transformation during twenty-one days from a Europeanized intellectual to a semi-madman who believed he could perform magic deeds to resurrect the Islamic caliphate” is a very readable feast — taking […]

bookblast patrick modiano reviewed

Patrick Modiano: public novelist, private man Spotlight

Patrick Modiano is a private man who remains aloof from the Parisian literati; a refreshing antithesis to the self-promoting writer blasting forth at every opportunity. “Writing is a strange and solitary activity. There are dispiriting […]