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Fatima Daas The Last One (French & English) Podcast

An autobiographical first novel, The Last One tells the story of Fatima Daas and her family. The confusing polarities between different worlds and cultures that are portrayed sparked an intense Media debate in France. Although […]

bookblast podcast natasha lehrer discusses consent vanessa springora
BookBlast® Podcast

Natasha Lehrer on Consent Vanessa Springora Podcast

Hear the BookBlast® Podcast with award-winning translator, Natasha Lehrer, discussing Consent; the “existential” idealism of “liberty”, the trouble with Feminism in France and literary name-and-shame public revelations leading to the downfall of powerful sexual abusers. […]

bookblast podcast bridging the divide series season 2
BookBlast® Podcast

Bridging the Divide series Season 2 BookBlast Podcast

Tune in for a literary adventure and relish the final eight episodes of the BookBlast Podcast series, Bridging the Divide: Translation and the Art of Empathy. Podcast interview Lars Mytting and his translator Deborah Dawkin […]

bookblast podcast series 2020
BookBlast® Podcast

Bridging the Divide series Season 1 BookBlast Podcast

The BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide: Translation and the Art of Empathy might just fit the bill if you are looking for something a little different. When reading, do you “hear” the book as […]

michele roberts interview bookblast podcast
BookBlast® Podcast

Michèle Roberts Author Podcast

BookBlast Podcast with Michèle Roberts, author of twelve highly-acclaimed novels, including The Looking Glass and Daughters of the House which won the W.H. Smith Literary Award and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. She is […]

bookblast podcast narisa chakrabongse river books
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Talking Thai with Narisa Chakrabongse, River Books Podcast

River Books, founder and CEO, Narisa Chakrabongse, talks about her unusual Thai-Russian-British background, being a foreigner living in a strange land, the family home, Chakrabongse Villas, a small boutique hotel in Bangkok, and of how […]

Keith Anderson aka Bob Andy booblast podcast
BookBlast® Podcast

Keith Anderson a.k.a. Bob Andy reggae vocalist & songwriter Podcast

Keith Anderson known as Bob Andy talks about his life and times in a rare and exclusive podcast interview. Best known in the UK for the track recorded with Marcia Griffiths “Young, Gifted and Black” […]

philip mansel louis xiv podcast bookblast diary
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Philip Mansel Discusses A Life of Louis XIV Podcast

Philip Mansel discusses the life of Louis XIV in this BookBlat Podcast. The conundrum posed at the heart of his thoroughly researched new narrative asks: How is it that great leaders can delude themselves that […]

extinction rebellion top ten reads bookblast diary
BookBlast® Podcast

Extinction Rebellion Climate Activist Dom Goetz Podcast

Extinction Rebellion is the focus of this BookBlast Podcast. Climate activist Dom Goetz gives a succinct fifteen-minute summary outlining what faces us all if emergency action is not taken NOW. Sign up at rebellion earth and […]