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John-Paul Pryor & Graham Fink in Conversation Fitzrovia W1 Explorations

Graham Fink, the multimedia artist, is one of the world’s most awarded creatives. Formerly at Ogilvy China, his decades-long career has included senior creative posts at CDP, GGT and M&C Saatchi. Some of his most […]

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Kim Oliver Literary Executor Interview

BookBlast interviews Kim Oliver, Kamala Markandaya’s daughter and literary executor, following our review of post-colonial classic, The Nowhere Man. Where were you born, and where did you grow up? I was born in Lewisham in […]

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Extinction Rebellion Climate Activist Dom Goetz Podcast

Extinction Rebellion is the focus of this BookBlast Podcast. Climate activist Dom Goetz gives a succinct fifteen-minute summary outlining what faces us all if emergency action is not taken NOW. Sign up at rebellion earth and […]

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Paris is Burning Georgia de Chamberet Explorations

Is Paris burning? Paris brûle? An evocative name, Paris conjures all manner of images including those of protest in its myriad forms. I arrived in the capital the day after the fourth Saturday of gilets […]

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Winter Reads for Independent Minds Book Blast Presents

Book Blast Winter Reads rounds up of some of the best new writing to catch the imagination and recent encounters with leading independent publishers . . .  We bring you gods and African lions, revolution […]

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BookBlast® Archive

Close Encounters of a European Kind 3:AM Magazine BB Archive

An early article from the BookBlast Archive, Close Encounters of a European Kind by Georgia de Chamberet for 3:AM Magazine first published in February 2007. After generations of slaughter on its soil, Europe found peace and […]

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Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds VI Book Blast Presents

BookBlast Top 10 reads for December: a time of merry abandon, or seasonal reflection? Our round up of eclectic reads to delight and inspire you takes in both . . . Happy Christmas! @bookblast Black […]

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Autumn Reads for Independent Minds Book Blast Presents

Our Book Blast Presents seasonal round up of Autumn Reads for Independent Minds is underpinned by a core belief that good writing and good ideas of all kinds make the world go round, giving context […]

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Philip Mann Soho Bohemia, Explorations

Philip Mann writes a special feature for BookBlast about Soho bohemia in the spirit of:  “For thirty years I hid my fame in taverns”. “Nobody is healthy in London, nobody can be,” the hypochondriac Mr. […]