philip mansel author and historian bookblast interview
BookBlast® Interview

Philip Mansel Author & Historian Interview

Book Blast interview with Philip Mansel, author & historian Philip Mansel, tell us a little bit about yourself? I am a historian of France and the Ottoman Empire, living in London. All my life I […]

bookblast interview author Youssef Rakha
BookBlast® Interview

Interview Youssef Rakha Author

The Book of the Sultan’s Seal: Strange Incidents from History in the City of Mars by Youssef Rakha translated by Paul Starkey was awarded the 2015 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation. Tell […]

bookblast Interlink Books interview
BookBlast® Interview

Michel Moushabeck Interlink Books USA Interview

Book Blast actively collaborates with colleagues across the Atlantic on editorial and translation projects. Its digital publishing programme sees titles published with Amazon, Kobo and Google worldwide. So we are featuring reviews, Q&As and podcasts […]

bookblast interview Cheryl Robson, Aurora Metro Publishing
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Cheryl Robson Aurora Metro Publishing Interview

Book Blast interview with the founder of Aurora Metro Publishing Cheryl Robson, founder of Aurora Metro Publishing, is a producer/director of several short independent films, most recently ‘Rock ’n’ Roll Island’ which was nominated for […]

Proust's Questionnaire, Gary Pulsifer, independent publisher RIP
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Gary Pulsifer, Independent Publisher Interview

Gary Pulsifer, independent publisher, lived in the UK for 41 years, and worked on both sides of the Atlantic – for Random House in New York and for a number of UK indies, including Writers […]

florent massot first publisher virginie despentes bookblast interview
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Florent Massot, Independent Publisher Interview

Book Blast interview with Florent Massot, independent publisher Independent publisher, Florent Massot, the visionary maverick who first published Virginie Despentes and Valérie Trierweiler; Kurt Cobain and Mike Tyson in French, talks to Georgia de Chamberet. […]

proust's questionnaire duncan fallowell bookblast
BookBlast® Interview

Duncan Fallowell Author Interview

Book Blast interview with Duncan Fallowell, author Duncan Fallowell is an English novelist, travel writer and critic. He has also worked with the German group, Can, on musical projects. How to Disappear: A Memoir for […]