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lucien d'azay bookblast 4translation

Lucien d’Azay Author & Translator 4Translation

Lucien d’Azay is a novelist, essayist and translator whose work has been published by Éditions Climats, Éditions Les Belles Lettres, Éditions Sortilèges and La Table Ronde. He divides his time between Paris and Venice. An […]

bookblast velibor colic 4translation

A Survivor’s Guide to Exile Velibor Čolić 4Translation

The Book Blast 4Translation features focus on books which we strongly feel would attract an appreciative English-language readership. Showcasing writers in translation in a variety of ways goes back over twenty years here at BookBlast®. […]

bookblast Yachar Kemal reviewed

The Sponge Divers Yachar Kemal 4Translation

Yachar Kemal worked as a journalist for Cumhuriyet from 1951-63 before turning to fiction which he wrote under a pseudonym, (real name Kemal Sadık Gökçeli). As Turkey’s most prominent novelist, his books have been published […]

On the Road with Illegal Immigrants, Fabrizio Gatti bookblast review

Fabrizio Gatti On the Road with Illegal Immigrants 4Translation

Although not a recent release, Bilal: On the Road with Illegal Immigrants remains as timely today as when it was first published. In 2011 I was commissioned to report on a Bilal: Sur la route […]