Review Your Feet Will Lead You Where your Heart Is, Bakwa Books

The ten young writers from Cameroon and Nigeria showcased in the bilingual anthology out with Bakwa Books, Your Feet Will Lead You Where your Heart Is (Le Crépuscule des âmes sœurs), edited by Dzekashu Macviban […]

Non Fiction

Review The Familia Grande, Camille Kouchner

The publication of La Familia Grande by Camille Kouchner reveals how incest is everpresent at the highest levels of French society, even among the most glamorous, powerful, bohemian, left wing intellectual Parisian élite, known as […]


Review Crocodile Tears, Mercedes Rosende

BookBlast reviews Crocodile Tears by Mercedes Rosende, a dark tale about systemic corruption and criminality fuelled by poverty. A leading woman crime writer in Uruguay, she  has won multiple book awards. The only other literature […]

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