lars mytting bookblast diary review

The Bell in the Lake Lars Mytting Review

Review by Rachel Goldblatt of The Bell in the Lake, to accompany Lars Mytting and his translator Deborah Dawkin discussing their collaboration for BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide. “And this also”, said Marlow suddenly, […]

bookblast podcast series 2020

Bridging the Divide series Season 1 BookBlast Podcast

The BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide: Translation and the Art of Empathy might just fit the bill if you are looking for something a little different. When reading, do you “hear” the book as […]

dispatches from the interns desk bookblast diary
Spotlight on Publishing

Rachel Goldblatt Dispatches from the Intern’s Desk Spotlight

Starting a new job in the middle of a global pandemic is not something many people would find enviable, though I was obviously delighted for the opportunity as so many others were being furloughed. When […]

tazmamart prison haus publishing
Non Fiction

Tazmamart Aziz BineBine, Lucy Popescu Review

Tazmamart: 18 Years in Morocco’s Secret Prison by Aziz BineBine — beautifully translated by Lulu Norman — is an engrossing tale of endurance which offers a precise portrayal of the grim life of a political […]

harry hall haus publishing interview bookblast diary

Harry Hall Haus Publishing Interview

Book Blast interview with Harry Hall CEO Haus Publishing Harry Hall, tell us a bit about yourself. Are (were) your parents great readers?  There were always plenty of books at home, but I don’t remember […]

manuel vilas heaven bookblast review

Heaven Manuel Vilas Review

Review by Rachel Goldblatt of Heaven by Manuel Vilas to accompany Georgia de Chamberet discussing the work and world of Vilas with translator James Womack for BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide. Any thought of […]

the great homecoming anna kim bookblast review

The Great Homecoming Anna Kim Review

Review by Rachel Goldblatt of The Great Homecoming to accompany Jamie Lee Searle discussing Anna Kim and her translation with publisher Anne Meadows at Granta Books for BookBlast® Podcast series Bridging the Divide. Anna Kim’s […]

nicolas bouvier so it goes cover bookblast diary
Non Fiction

So It Goes Travels in the Aran Isles Nicolas Bouvier Review

BookBlast review of Travels in the Aran Isles, Xian and Beyond by Nicolas Bouvier to accompany the BookBlast Podcast about the late Swiss author and his traveller’s tales. From The Scorpion-Fish by Nicolas Bouvier: “You […]

mazel tov review by henrietta foster bookblast diary
Non Fiction

Mazel Tov J.S. Margot, Henrietta Foster Review

Henrietta Foster reviews Mazel Tov by J S Margot ahead of the first two live podcast recordings of the 15-part weekly Bridging The Divide series. In Ep. 1, J S Margot discusses navigating clashing cultures […]

bookblast diary Triumph of Ecuadorian Fiction feature Victor Meadowcroft
Spotlight on Publishing

The Triumph of Ecuadorian Fiction, Victor Meadowcroft Spotlight

Victor Meadowcroft’s exclusive feature for BookBlast, A Literary Eruption: The Triumph of Ecuadorian Fiction. In his collection of dispatches from “the new Latin America” entitled How to Travel Without Seeing (trs. Jeffrey Lawrence), celebrated Spanish-Argentine author […]